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  • Auto Boutique
    Auto Boutique’s crew of skilled technicians travels to their clients’ cars, wherever they may be, to keep rides safe and comfortable through a list of accessory services. They dissolve hints of cigarette smoke hidden deep inside fabrics and tackle rotten-food smells from deep within the glove compartment a passenger once mistook for a fridge. Headlights shine brighter and clearer after restoration, and drivers can better see the road before them, thanks to the team’s expert windshield-repair services. For curb and road rash, Auto Boutique offers wheel repair.
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    262 Cherry Ct
    Cottage Grove, OR US
  • iTint Window Tinting
    iTint Window Tinting, has a staff of technicians who adorn panes of glass with Solar Gard window films. Whether clear, gray, or black like a squid's heart, these tinted films block the sun's ultraviolet rays and heat, which can damage car interiors and cause passenger discomfort. The Solar Gard authorized dealer also offers a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. When they aren't intercepting sinister sunbeams, technicians provide exterior and interior vinyl wrapping, paint protection, and headlight restoration services.
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    28 West Q Street, Unit G
    Springfield, OR US
  • Winning Touch Mobile Auto Detail Llc
    Winning Touch Auto Detailing's technicians spruce up dirty cars throughout the Eugene area from the comfort of their own driveways or garage bay blanket forts. Staffers arrive with soft cloths and solvents for hand-guided exterior washing and waxing, and step inside to shampoo carpets, wipe down seats, and clean out nooks and crannies. Winning Touch also restores headlights for optimum brightness, and returns paint to its original showroom shine with intensive buffing.
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    901 West Centennial Boulevard
    Springfield, OR US
  • Pit Stop USA
    Pit Stop U.S.A.'s friendly technicians share decades of automotive experience to safely and efficiently spruce up engines during 10-15 minute oil changes. Five quarts of fresh Pennzoil lubricant grace car bellies to flow through brand new filters and keep pistons pumping smoothly. Techs recycle the used oil and filter, helping them avoid landfills and finally earning conservationism merit badges, then check and top off important fluids, such as transmission, brake, and power steering solutions. A quick inspection assesses air filtration in the cabin, strength of serpentine belts, and light operation to ensure safe driving at night. Following services, car owners roll through drive-in bays that scrub car skins, spacious enough to accommodate RVs, oversized trucks, and Weinermobiles.
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    4184 Main St
    Springfield, OR US
  • B&A Automotive
    An authorized Spillkill products distributor, the family owned and operated B&A Automotive and it's ASE-certified technicians foster healthy engines during oil changes, squeezing spent lube from the car before replacing it with up to 5 quarts of clean fluid. After the oil change, techs embark on an inspection to ensure peak performance and safety?among other things, they'll check the lights for proper illumination, check up on fluids, and make sure the turning signals haven't forgotten their cardinal directions.
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    4136 Main St
    Springfield, Oregon US

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