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  • Flight Ctr
    The best vacation deals may not always be available online. Check out Flight Ctr in Kitchener and get the best bang for your buck. It'll be a short walk from your parking space with so many options available nearby. So give the folks at Flight Ctr in Kitchener a call today and book your next adventure!
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    Kitchener, ON CA
  • Instinct Windsports
    Instinct Windsports gives humans the means to defy gravity and evolution. Everyone from beginners to experienced hang gliders can learn the ways of flight, with instructors making safety their top priority. Ground schools explore the gliders and their underlying principles before a scooter-mounted towing winch and a computerized simulator let beginners ease into flight. Although not included with this Groupon, more experienced students can work through certification courses that give them the techniques necessary to soar on their own. For a safe, immersive introduction to the world of hang gliding, the center’s certified pilots also offer tandem flights. A high-powered winch or an ultra-light airplane tows the duo to as high as 1,500 feet before releasing the glider to the instructor’s control. During the next 10–30 minutes, adventurers gain a birds-eye view of the surrounding area and the possibility of controlling the glider so they can brag to their land-bound pets after landing.
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    Waterloo, ON CA
  • Grand Bend
    Wings & Slicks' professional instructors pass on heart-pumping tutelage during stunt-driving and formula-car-racing experiences in the United States and Canada. The pro drivers impart pupils with the skills needed to execute a variety of as-seen-on-TV stunts, including slalom-course runs and reverse 180-degree spins, or to navigate the track in a Formula 2000 car capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. Each once-in-a-lifetime adventure revs up adrenalin levels while prioritizing safety; every experience begins with a lesson and includes protective equipment. Wings & Slicks, which was recently featured in a The Globe and Mail story, also baits competitive edges with timed events that pit drivers head-to-head in a test of dexterity, skill, and not closing one’s eyes during the hard parts.
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    Grand Bend, Ontario US
  • Ontario Racing Source
    G-force pulls faces taught as feet floor accelerator pedals. The smell of burning rubber fills nostrils. A halo of stadium lights illuminates a quarter-mile of pavement as it passes by in seconds. With help from the experienced instructors and drivers at Ontario Racing Source, anyone can zoom into drag races at the historic St. Thomas Raceway. Before each race, staff give racing skill and safety instruction, and show each new driver how to control their fully prepped cars using nothing more than the console and a few self-esteem-boosting words on how shiny they’re looking today. At regular intervals, visitors can also strap in behind the wheel of high-speed vehicles at the Grand Bend Motorplex and Toronto Motorsports Park.
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    London, ON CA
  • St-Thomas Flight Centre
    St. Thomas Flight Centre transforms the dream of flight into a grounded reality. Whether novice pilots are looking to earn their recreational license or make commercial aviation a career, the Class 1 instructors are there to assist. Their fleet of Cessna and Piper aircraft are meticulously maintained and ready for high-flying training. St. Thomas Flight Centre even has an onsite flight simulator, letting students experience an array of conditions and maneuvers without ever having to go wheels up.
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    St Thomas, ON CA
  • Golden Horseshoe Aviation
    At Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA), you can experience the wonder and excitement of being the pilot in command of a single engine airplane, flying anywhere in the world, through any type of weather, all from the comfort and safety of the REDBIRD FMX1000 full motion flight simulator in GHA's office at Hamilton International Airport. Those looking to earn their pilot's license or just get a sense of flying a light aircraft can jump into the comfortable, realistic fully-enclosed cockpit and take to the digital skies. Once inside, the simulator's motion platform ramps up the realism by tilting and veering as the wrap-around interior screens fully immerse guests in the virtual reality of flight. Of course, there are plenty of options for those looking to experience the real deal. Flight instructors take sightseers up in one of the Cessna 172s for stunning views of the countryside and lake shore, or to provide hands-on flight training from the passenger seat.
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    Hamilton, ON CA