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Restaurants in Welland

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  • U Need A Pita
    One look at U Need A Pita & Chop House Premium Burgers' menu, and it's clear that the eatery hopes to make an impression on taste buds by packing a variety of flavours into one dish. Tongues are wowed with 20 different pitas, including the philly cheesesteak and chicken souvlaki options, which overflow with meat, cheese, and a variety of veggies. Beef and chicken burgers, with 15 topping options and numerous sauces, further impress palates, as do loaded poutines crammed with everything from pulled pork to steak. Even vegans can surprise their taste buds with portobello-mushroom burgers, vegan poutine, and more than 10 vegan-friendly sauces.
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    30 Rice Rd.
    Welland, ON CA
  • Howell Family Pumpkin Farm
    Howell's donut experts fry up an assemblage of flavoured dough rings corralled into half-dozen packages. Sink teeth into circular comestibles such as the apple-pie donuts, or spark memories of dancing around the Halloween tree with pumpkin donuts. After picking out treats, customers can guide donuts on a tour of the rest of the Fonthill Farmers Market, take them home to warm up in the oven, or begin a quest to reunite them with their estranged donut holes.
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    20 Pelham Town Square
    Pelham, ON CA
  • Island Spice
    You'll definitely want to experiment with frozen foods to help maximize your time in the evening. Whether you're dressing a salad or cooking up a storm, oil and vinegar are essential kitchen items, so make sure you have an ample amount on hand. Your mouth will be watering from the fantastic meats available at this location. From canned soups to canned vegetables, this store has a wide selection of tasty and healthy options. The drinks available here are a great way to restore your body's natural balance, so start sipping. Stay refreshed no matter where you are! Water is available at Island Spice. For baked goods that are as delicious as they are fluffy, don't forget to pick up some fresh ingredients to make sure your creation hits it out-of-the-park. Craft a flavorful meal with some of their gourmet seasonings and spices. Maximize your evening time by relying on the amazing TV dinners available here. At Island Spice, you can grab some fresh noodles, channel your inner chef and get your cook on. Add some produce to your next dinner plate for a delicious meal jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients. The exquisite coffees and teas from here are great for an after-dinner beverage or a pick-me-up during your workday. For dairy lovers out there, this store does dairy right, so make sure to pick up some on your next trip. Enjoy a small, bite-sized snack from Island Spice and cure your hunger pains. Cereal might be the best part of waking up. Pick up your favorite box today. Planning your meals for the week? Don't forget to pick up a loaf of freshly-baked bread from Island Spice. Catch all your omega-3 fatty acids! Fish are delicious and nutritious, so start planning your next seafood platter. Find parking easily in one of their many available spaces.
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    529 King St
    Welland, ON CA
  • Mossimo's Pizza & Subs
    Mossimo's Pizza & Subs in Fonthill offers flavorful eats and tasty desserts. Bring your whole brood to Mossimo's Pizza & Subs, where families can dig in to tasty and kid-friendly fare together. Your car or ours? You'll get the food either way via pickup or delivery. Parking can be a pain in the neck, but it's as available as ever near the restaurant.
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    1440 Pelham St
    Fonthill, ON CA
  • Tie Pink Restaurant and Tavern
    On the first floor of a little brick building, Tie Pink's chefs are busy in the kitchen, tossing fresh-cut ingredients into searing-hot woks. Those ingredients are bound for well-loved staples of Chinese cuisine, such as wonton soup, hot and spicy beef, and General Tso's chicken.
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    17 Charlotte Street
    Port Colborne, ON CA
  • Casa Vostra
    When Carlo Vescio and chef Angelo Melchiorre founded Casa Vostra, they sought to distance the restaurant from traditional Italian eateries by incorporating modern elements. The chefs still cling to tradition by making tomato-basil sauce from scratch and rolling fresh gnocchi, but they elevate their Mediterranean comfort food in innovative ways, such as by roasting racks of mustard- and horseradish-encrusted lamb over a single Bunsen burner. Servers can help diners accessorize their meals by suggesting wines from the restaurant's list, which prominently features proud Italian and Canadian vintners. Although the menus adopt a contemporary twist, Vescio and Chef Melchiorre wanted the dining rooms to feel a bit more rustic. They hired a local designer to plan the Niagara Falls location's decor, settling on a tuscan theme with faux-plastered walls, painted italian landscapes, and roman shades along the windows.
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    219 Regional Road 20
    Fonthill, ON CA

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