Thai Massage in Windsor

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  • Marina Gachet
    While traveling to India, Marina Gachet experienced the most wonderful facial?what was called a prayer facial?and ended up staying in India to study with the people who had mastered the technique. That experience laid the foundation for her aesthetics approach: Marina has now traveled the world and spent thousands of hours honing her techniques in both skincare and massage therapy to give her clients a unique and soothing experience. At her studio, she impresses the importance of de-stressing to all her clients and offers a plethora of massage styles to help them do so. She also offers packages that pair foot massage and facials with warm tea?for sipping, not as part of the massage.
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    635 Fifth St.
    Santa Rosa, CA US
  • Kimmie's Massage
    At the National Holistic Institute, massage therapist Kimmie studied Eastern- and Western-style techniques such as Thai, shiatsu, and Swedish massage. She also studied kinesiology and anatomy. All of this knowledge comes together at Kimmie’s Massage, where she doles out focused bodywork sessions designed to facilitate physical and emotional health. A practicing clairvoyant, Kimmie also offers psychic readings and teaches meditation classes.
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    130 S Main St
    Sebastopol, CA US
  • Auberge Du Soleil
    At the heart of the cabernet sauvignon merlot and chardonnay vines of Napa Valley the French restaurateur Claude Rouas has created a discreet and elegant hotel hidden amongst a grove of olive trees that evoke his love of Provence in the South of France. A handful of houses perched on the hillside offer spacious maisons with private terraces where aged French oak floors colorful chenille fabrics abstract paintings and fireplaces create an air of romance. The Mediterranean inspired cuisine features the very best of the region and the spa which also draws its cue from the land proposes treatments based on grapes olives herbs flowers mud and minerals. The 15 000 bottles in the wine cellar promise an oenophiles journey to the wine heaven as you watch the sun setting on the horizon. CLUB 5C Hotel welcomes Relais and Chateaux Club 5C members with a VIP Welcome and a Discovery Privilege. Please include the Club 5C membership number in the reservation and please show your Club 5C membership card on arrival.
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    180 Rutherford Hill Road
    Saint Helena, CA US
  • Eden Day Spa2
    When you walk into Eden Day Spa, you are immediately bathed in light from a crystal chandelier. Pure white walls reflect that light off an ornate mirror, teal mosaic reception desk, and delicate orchids, all of which are designed to create a serene mood. The spa extends this relaxing experience with a bevy of traditional and contemporary treatments including facials, massage, and skin care. During body glow treatments, a sunless tanner infuses the skin with antioxidants and botanicals, leaving it with a golden sheen, while Turkish body peels employ a loofah and imported liquid gommage to remove layers of dead skin. Calming facials give the skin an all-over burst of vitality, whereas semi-permeant lash extensions draw attention to your eyes, and a full range of massage modalities soothe the muscles with the help of herbs, therapeutic stretching, and reflexology.
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    411 San Anselmo Ave
    San Anselmo, CA US
  • Bodywork by Bhaskar
    Bhaskar Banerji still remembers where he was when he decided to become a healer. He was sitting down for another one of his Western and Non-Western Medicine classes at the University of Michigan when that day?s lecture on polarity therapy began. The lesson did more than just captivate him?it inspired him. And so, over the course of the next 25 years, he went on to practice energy healing, study shiatsu and Swedish massage at the National Holistic Institute, and travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to hone the art of Thai massage at the Sunshine Network. Upon returning to the states, he bolstered his experiences with a master?s in holistic-health education from JFK University. Today, Banerji teaches Thai massage at the McKinnon Institute, sharing his insights during both beginner and intermediate classes. In class, he shows his students how to rotate joints, stretch muscles, apply pressure, and cut blue wires even when the red ones seem like the obvious choice. And of course, he also offers Thai massages for those who want to simply relax and enjoy the soothing combination of yogic movements and breema modalities.
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    School St. Plaza
    Fairfax, CA US
  • Human Touch Massage
    Massage therapist Brian Markovitz makes it simple for clients to get the healing and relaxation they seek. He offers house calls in addition to his in-office sessions at Human Touch Massage, and can even bring his Swedish-, cranial-, and deep-tissue-style bodywork to professional office places. But regardless of where you are, Brian uses his experience to home in on the specific issues that ail you, drawing on two decades of massage experience and time spent at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, where he trained as a student and then taught as an instructor.
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    712 D. Street, Suite D
    San Rafael, CA US