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    Up to 52% Off Pet Boarding or Vet Services

    The Dog & Cat Clinic and Laser Center

    Highland, Stoner Hill (3.2 miles)

    Heated and cooled boarding area features a large backyard play area; veterinary services include exams, shots, grooming, and laser therapy

    $21 $10

    Orthopedic Pet Mattresses

    Pet beds with supersoft, plush removable covers and supportive but comfortable orthopedic foam give dogs a place to rest weary haunches

    $49.99 $16.99

    Pet Protector Furniture Slip Covers

    Soil-, snag-, and water-resistant microsuede slip covers keep chairs and sofas safe from marauding pets

    $79.99 $24.99

    AKC Puppy Pads in a Box (150 Ct.)

    Pads with built-in attractant helps in potty training puppies or giving elderly dogs a break; quick cleanup and leak-proof disposal

    $72 $24.99

    Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Mattresses

    Gusseted pet mattresses’ convoluted-foam centers give pups a comfy place to nap while relieving older dogs’ joints

    $49.99 $16.99

    Tiger Tough Cat Playgrounds

    Cat furniture featuring balls on strings, in boxes, and on tracks challenges cats intellectually and keeps them entertained for hours

    $69.99 $25.99

    Animal Planet Automatic-Flow Pet Water Fountain

    46 oz. reservoir encourages cats or dogs to lap up never-stagnant water from the ever-bubbling spigot

    $33.51 $18.99

    Airtight Pet Food Storage Container with Wheels

    Large pet food containers with caster wheels keep kibble fresh with snap-tight buckle-secured airtight seals

    $34.99 $17.99

    Dog Crate Pads

    Plush-topped pads give dogs a soft spot to relax while in their crates, and fun sayings such as “Biscuit Monster” add a bit of whimsy

    $27 $12.99

    20"x16" Medium Sofa Pet Bed with Pillow

    Stylish pet bed with a sherpa sleep surface is filled with high-loft polyester fiber fill creating a comfortable spot for pets to res

    $35.01 $19.99

    Animal Planet Memory Foam Large Pet Bed

    Extra-soft and durable memory foam pet bed keeps pets comfortable and off of furniture during nap time

    $49.99 $26.99

    50ct Bag of Pork Earz Dog Chews

    Smoky flavor fills baked pork skins, keeping dogs happily chewing; easier to digest than rawhide

    $99.99 $34.99

    Adjustable Wooden 3-Panel Pet Gate

    Sturdy pet gates expand to barricade doors of varying widths; wooden construction painted black with decorative pup-themed cutouts

    $99.99 $29.99

    Aspen Pet Home Training Wire Kennel

    Durable wire kennel provides a spot for pups to rest when owners are away; folds down and has latch-on handle for easy portability

    $69.99 $24.99

    Light-Up LED Dog Safety Collars

    Colorful collars designed with light-up LEDs help to keep dogs safe while on late-night walks; four modes include flashing and solid lights

    $19.95 $6.99

    Orthopedic Pet Beds

    Orthopedic dog beds designed for pets' comfort with foam cushioning and either an outdoor-safe waterproof cover or a cozy faux-sheepskin top

    $59.99 $16.99

    Comfort Control Dog Harnesses

    Attach leash to these harnesses, not to collar, during walk, and pup will feel less discomfort around neck when tugging at leash

    $19.95 $8.99

    Go Pet Club Polyester Pet Cot Beds

    Polyester cots give pets a comfy, breathable spot to nap while keeping them off hot decks in the summer or cold tile floors during winter

    $50 $29.99

    Fipronil Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs (3 Doses)

    Spot on, waterproof treatment designed to quickly kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice

    $24.99 $18.99

    Fipronil Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats

    When applied to cats' skin, this waterproof formula helps repel and kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice

    $29.99 $18.99

    Pet Adirondack Chair with Pet Cushion

    Styled after the classic American outdoor chair, this bed creates a pets-only lounging location in indoor or outdoor spaces

    $100 $27.99

    Memory Foam Dog Mattresses

    Memory-foam mattresses provide your pup with a comfy, firm place to lie down and rest their joints, and the cover is removable for washing

    $69.99 $18.99

    Animal Planet Auto-Motion Interactive Laser Pet Toy

    Laser toy gives pets something to chase for hours, with multiple light patterns and a manual mode; limit play with timer and auto shutoff

    $22.99 $12.99

    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

    An assortment of cat furniture meets your feline's every needs, from a 24" plush bed to a towering 76" scratcher with a condo

    $39.99 $32.99

    Le Bistro Pet Feeder

    Plastic feeder sends a continuous flow of food into spill-resistant bowls; capacities range from 2-18lb.

    $27.30 $10.99

    Pet Life Waterproof Protective Dog Shoes

    Older dogs and dogs recovering from injuries will find support from these weather-resistant fleece-and-lycra shoes with rubberized soles

    $39.99 $18.99

    American Kennel Club Water-Resistant Car-Seat Cover

    Car-seat covers emblazoned with the American Kennel Club logo keep seats free from dog hair while snapped into place

    $24.99 $11.99

    Food-Themed Halloween Costumes for Dogs

    Dogs 2–185 pounds can dress up as bacon, hot dogs, or Tootsie Rolls in these cute and whimsical one-piece ensembles

    $14.99 $10.99

    Hooded Litter Pan

    Hooded litter pan works to protect floors with a deep design and a doorstep grate made to clean cats’ paws

    $28.99 $14.99

    Adjustable Dog Food Stand with Bowls

    Base adjusts to pet’s height and holds stainless steel food and water bowls that are removable for easy filling and cleaning

    $39.99 $18.99

    Plush Lounger Pet Beds

    Soft and cozy beds for cats and dogs feature a pillowy center cushion and foam walls with a removable cover that’s easily washable

    $32.99 $14.99

    Juicy Crittoure Dog Grooming Products

    Grooming sets from Juicy Crittoure by Juicy Couture keep pooches shampooed, conditioned, and smelling great

    $49.99 $12.99

    Deluxe Pet Beds

    Plenty of padding keeps these beds extra comfy for dogs and cats; easy to clean thanks to polyester construction

    $59.99 $19.99

    3-Pack of Loofa Catepillar Dog Toys

    Smiling caterpillar toys provide hours of fun for pups with tennis balls and two plush filling balls that squeak

    $34.35 $15.99

    Elevated Pet Feeders with Airtight Storage

    Elevated feeders help pets chow down without straining muscles; includes both feeding bowls and airtight food storage below

    $21.99 $14.99

    720 Eco-Friendly PoopBags with Dispenser

    The included bag dispenser conveniently clips onto dog leash handles and unfurls rolls of eco-friendly, biodegradable dog waste bags

    $48.60 $29.99

    Beatrice Waterproof Dog Crate Pads

    Cozy pads with water-resistant exteriors allows pets to nap comfortably

    $39 $15.99

    3-Pack of Water and Chew-Resistant Dog Toys

    Set of 3 durable, chew-resistant dog toys made to endure fetching, tossing, and tugging

    $30 $11.99

    Gnawsome Light Up and Squeak-Ball Dog Toys

    Keep your pooch fit and entertained during games of fetch with these squeaker balls; durable, one-piece construction

    $14.99 $4.99

    Metal Dog Crates with Dividers

    Made from durable metal, these crates keep pets safely confined for bedtime, travel, or for crate training

    $89.19 $32.99

    Puppy Potty Trainer, The Indoor Restroom for Pets

    Three-layer indoor potty-training system with nontoxic, odor-resistant synthetic grass helps pets develop proper bathroom habits

    $25 $14.99

    Gusseted Terry-Top Suede Pet Pillows

    After long walks or agonizing treat-begging sessions, dogs can snooze comfortably on these super-soft terry-top pillows

    $49.99 $16.99

    Maxi Walk-Thru Pet Gate

    Durable, all-steel gate has a built-in opening to let cats through and easy-open walk-thru door for humans

    $99.99 $39.99

    Adirondack 3-Panel Pet Gate

    Keep pets out of certain rooms or away from your flower or vegetable garden with stylish Adirondack-style fence

    $149.99 $27.99

    Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan DVD 2-Pack

    In each episode, dog trainer Cesar Millan helps disobedient dogs kick behavioral issues to improve their relationship with their owners

    $21.78 $4.99

    GloFIsh 1.8-Gallon Waterfall Globe

    1.8-gallon glass globe aquarium with waterfall design and eye-catching LED lights

    $79.99 $34.99

    Waterproof Pet Hammock Car Seat Cover

    As pets comfortably lounge on this backseat hammock, its rugged, waterproof material protects vehicle interiors from scratches and accidents

    $85 $15.99

    Animal Planet 3-Tier Cat Tree

    Sturdy tower with rope posts for scratching and hanging toys for batting keeps cats occupied for hours

    $49.99 $39.99