Entertainment in Abbotsford

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  • 6 Pack Entertainment Inc
    18,000 sq ft. facility . Fun easy going environment where people can interact play sports and exercise. Businesses can hold team building and corporate events. Athletes can train in the sand.
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    13180 Mitchell Road
    Richmond, BC CA
  • School of Remix
    Churning out diplomas since 1981, School of Mix sends its students through a variety of structured cocktail curriculums for both interested civilians and those who seek a career in professional drink slinging. Establishments around the Vancouver area and in international locales recognize School of Mix certificates and diplomas as indicative of all-around mastery of bar keeping and maraschino-cherry sculpting. Additionally, 75 per cent of those who finish a bartending or wine education go on to work with the school's event-staffing arm, Mix Event Staffing. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ In rooms packed with synthesizers, computers, and turntables, School of Remix's team of seasoned DJs and production engineers packs students' minds with the latest spinning and mixing techniques and technology during comprehensive courses. Coming from all walks of life and musical influences, the eclectic group of turntablists and producers bands together through their passion for music and talent for passing on their tuneful wisdom. Eyes open anew to software such as Logic Pro and Pro Tools, and equipment such as the Traktor Scratch Pro 2 and Serato Itch gets novices started on the right foot as more experienced students graduate to more sophisticated nicknames, such as DJ Shmee Jay.
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    1666 West 1st St.
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Keenart Media Ltd
    Building a custom canvas print is a quick and easy art project, unlike reconstructing the Tower of Pisa with pipe cleaners. First, upload any image (in JPEG format) from your computer, camera, or subconscious memory to be converted into a work of art. Next, select the canvas you would like your picture to be formatted on. Pricing varies depending on canvas style and size, starting with a $10 7"x7" flat print with a 1" white border. Stretched and mounted across 3/4-inch wooden bars, the standard gallery-wrap print doesn't necessitate a frame. Tons of sizes are available, including a 14"x14" for $78 and a 24"x8" for $80. After making your selections, simply go through the online check out, prepare any pre-existing wall art for its new baby sister or brother, and wait for the art-delivery stork.
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    54 3rd Ave E
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Deft Audio DJ Services
    Deft Audio’s professional music slingers bring their diverse collection of tunes to festivities ranging from corporate events to house parties throughout the Vancouver area. Drawing from a massive music library that spans styles and decades, DJs tailor their sets to fit in song requests and change in response to crowd reactions, cultivating epic dance-offs and vigorous clapping. The tech savvy DJs turn traditional parties into audio-visual spectacles, coupling the beats from their sound systems with vapour tendrils from fog machines, sparkling disco balls, and film footage of interspecies friendships displayed on by-request-only projection screens.
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    916 Seymour Street
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Marysville Speed n' Custom
    If you look at the customization work Marysville Speed n' Custom regularly performs, from refurbishing a 1955 Chevy to installing Lamborghini doors on a 2002 Nissan Skyline, you probably wouldn't think the shop's crews spend much time with your average family station wagon. Fortunately for those families, they actually pay as much attention to regular cars as they do to custom cars, giving the vehicles routine maintenance and repair jobs or adding a bit of exotic-car glamor with window tinting. The staff can add other modifications, too, such as custom exhaust systems and horns that play the entirety of Beethoven's Symphony no. 6 in F Major.
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    18824 Smokey Point Blvd.
    Arlington, WA US