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Doctor uses a chiropractic exam to inform treatment, which includes a 60-minute massage and personal-training session

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West Columbia

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Deep-tissue massages replenish muscles and reduce stress and anxiety

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Northwest Columbia

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Hypnosis can help you to lose weight, ease stress, quit smoking, or boost your self-esteem

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Doctor of chiropractic relieves aches and chronic pain with adjustments after performing an exam with x-rays and spinal exercises

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Northeast Arcadia Lakes

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Dr. Stetson adjusts backs and administers spinal exercises designed to alleviate aches and pains

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Multiple Locations

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Dr. Norburg unearths cause of pain then sets out to realign spine with adjustment

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Dr. Todd Hardison safeguards spinal health with a chiropractic consultation and exam that includes adjustments and a nutritional consult

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Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

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Colenz system flushes colon with filtered water; Bio-Mat infrared light is designed to speed cell renewal

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Chiropractor eases aches with massage and aims to correct a variety of ailments through spinal adjustment

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Greenville Holistic Center

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Detox programs teach customers about the benefits of detoxing while providing guidance, recipes, and supplements

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Caring specialists perform internal cleansing treatments with UV-purified water in a sterilized environment

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Upper Cervical specialist tracks down sources of ailments and corrects them with noninvasive adjustments

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Through exclusively natural and nondrug methodology, Brookside Wellness Center helps women eliminate unwanted flab via the human chorionic gonadotropin diet (HCG), vaporizing an average of one to two pounds a day while following a strict eating regimen. According to results determined by a pre-diet evaluation, clients place seven to ten HCG drops under the tongue three times a day for four to six weeks while consuming exactly 500 calories every day. Created naturally by the human body, HCG commands the hypothalamus to release pockets of fat into the bloodstream where they are burned for energy, resulting in mass reduction from the abdomen, thighs, hips, back, and antlers. The free-floating lipids plus up to a gallon of daily water consumption produce the required energy levels for normal daily activities, including routine exercise.

504 Shartom Drive

Surgery is a big decision. That's why True Life offers a holistic alternative to traditional medicine with noninvasive chiropractic services. Dr. Jamie Masyk helms the practice, which uses computerized infrared technology to view the nervous system and customize adjustments to the client's needs. Masyk's expertise has been sought for patients ranging in age from one hour to 97 years––though he has a fondness for treating expecting mothers.

250 East 6th Street

Blue Root Acupuncture’s licensed acupuncturist Angela Soto calls upon her extensive knowledge of medical and herbology practices when enhancing customer well-being during each of her facility’s health services. Treatments range from traditional acupuncture visits⎯which can be used to stimulate circulation, influence the release of neurotransmitters, and pop the bubble wrap that was distracting the immune system from operating properly⎯to treatments that include Energy Light Rejuvenation and fire cupping.

602 East Main Street

HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab provides a full range of services for keeping bodies in line, specializing in chiropractic care, massage, and rehabilitation. Massage therapists manipulate distressed deltoids with hands licensed in therapeutic massage and shadow-puppet recitals, relieving stress and tension from anxiety-filled limbs. The chiropractic consultation provides guests with a detailed overview of causes behind specific symptoms, as well as recommended courses of action, all with a greater success rate than using a fly swatter to squash disobedient aches and pains.

5225 Sunset Blvd

Exercise therapy, therapeutic massages, and spinal adjustments are a few of the techniques the trio of chiropractors at Family Practice of Chiropractic perform to help patients achieve pain-free living. They blend these drug-free services into customized treatments designed to balance the body and vanquish pain without the use of medication or surgery. In addition to these direct techniques, the team also doles out advice on nutrition and herbal supplements.

203 Amicks Ferry Rd

Certified Rolfer Kimberly Richey eases bodies into balance during 75-minute Rolfing sessions. As opposed to massage therapists, who drive tension from muscles, or chiropractors, who realign spines by advising patients to sleep on a ruler, Richey’s practice focuses on the fascia, the soft tissue that surrounds muscles and connects organs to one another. Direct pressure coupled with guided movements work to release tightness within connective tissues, restoring proper movement to the body as a whole. Continued Rolfing sessions can result in improved posture and mobility, reduced pain and stiffness, and increased circulation.

1 Wellness Boulevard