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For Melissa and Aaron Rowland, opening Bumble Boutique was simply the next step in following their passions and dreams. Melissa had already kindled an intense love of quality, affordable baby merchandise, and the duo’s combined passion for providing for their daughter inspired them to help other parents achieve the same. They opened Bumble Boutique in 2005, lining the shelves of their boutique with children's clothing, toys, and accessories by brands such as Bailey Boys, Douglas, and Wee Ones. The baby-pampering paraphernalia is also available in an online store, allowing guardians to stay at home and teach their little bundle how to tie a tie while sleepwear, pillows, and blankies and apparel for both boys and girls come to them through the mail.

4840 Forest Dr

Infant Toys & Infant Enrichment Products. Infant stimulation, infant development & enrichment toys and products. Nurture your "baby genius" with sensory toys and infant stimuli.

2015 Van Buren Ave
Indian Trail,

Each of the family-owned shops in Toys & Co.'s chain is an oasis of fun and interactive play for kids, housing shelves loaded with dolls, stuffed animals, and games. During visits to the magical emporium, children while away the time playing with trains and melting away the stresses of preschool or slow business at their lemonade stand. Kids of all ages can sharpen cognitive skills with diversions such as puzzles and word games, including developmental infant toys to boost burgeoning motor functions.

242 S Sharon Amity Rd