Fitness Classes in Chaparral

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David Kneip leads The Human Lab's crew of tough-as-nails trainers, who find common cause in his no-frills approach to exercise. Eschewing loud music, televisions, and machinery, David and his team prefer to force their clients to rely only on the rhythm of their bodies and the strength of their will to overcome the challenges of any given workout. Students tackle everything from Olympic-style weightlifting and kettlebells to old-fashioned pushups and pull-ups in their quest to tone and strengthen their bodies. The Lab's most popular program, CrossFit, runs muscles through a wide variety of exercises—preventing the body from easily adapting to the routine and ensuring maximum results in minimum time—but other workouts can build muscles for specific sports, bestowing skiers with more powerful legs and croquet players with fingers shaped like mallets.

1057 Doniphan Park Cir
El Paso,