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Scott Ferguson may be a high-school math teacher, but he's also a serious history buff. He brings his passion for studying the greatest medieval and Renaissance swordsmen to his role as chief instructor at Swords of Chivalry. There, he instructs kids and adults in the finer points of swordplay as well as the history of weapons fighting, answering questions about why maces and morning stars were used in certain battles, and foam pool noodles in others. Students are closely monitored to ensure safety and to foster a respectful attitude toward combat.

380 Massachusetts Avenue

Mal-sun Marletto has dedicated decades to the sport of fencing. A passion of hers since the age of 10, Mal-Sun has not only competed in five countries, but she's also a World Cup competitor and Connecticut Women’s Champion in foil, épée, and saber. At Farmington Valley Fencing Academy, where she is both owner and head coach, Mal-sun draws on her vast experience and US Fencing Coaches Association–certification to instruct students of all ages and skill levels. She designed a variety of programs and membership packages that include instruction in foil, saber, and épée, and include additional perks such as discounts on equipment and gear.

110 West Dudley Town Road