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The Range

Zirkops Training's classroom facilities are located right next to Carter Shooting Supply & Range, granting instructors easy access to indoor shooting lanes for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

The Classes

Zirkops Training hosts classes covering topics such as self-defense, concealed-carry permits, CPR, and handgun use for beginner through advanced students.

At a Glance

Zirkops Training's curriculum echoes its instructors' backgrounds. For proof, just look to the company's namesake, Officer Ronald Zirk. Officer Zirk has spent more than 15 years in law enforcement?over which time he has served both in the field and as an instructor, training other officers in defensive tactics. His fellow instructor, Tammy Brannon, is also a licensed firearms instructor with additional expertise in First Aid and self-defense. In fact, Ms. Brannon is co-founder of Xtreme Divas 360 Women?s Self-Defense, a five-step program that focuses on situational awareness and quickly addressing real-world issues.

100 Cherokee Blvd.