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Extreme athletes banded together to design Spartan Races' intense courses orchestrated over standardized distances, each strewn with natural and man-made obstacles to test mind-body fitness, resilience, stamina, and strength, designed to leave participants exhausted and exhilarated. In waves of 200, runners collect smudges and stains as they perform box jumps, haul heavy sandbags, and juke feral linebackers. Depending on where in the world they're participating, the course may be as short as 3 miles or, for extremely practiced athletes, as long as a full marathon.

21208 Laurel Road

Nestled along the historic Old National Road, J&J Winery immerses visitors in the charming ambiance of a bucolic countryside estate, plying them with feasts of tasty Italian fare and mouth-watering homemade wines. Inside or on the deck, guests sample the winery's own crisp chardonnays or fruity cabernets over cheese plates, pulled-pork sandwiches, and portobello-and-gouda pizzas plucked from under the nose of a fire-breathing brick oven. Big Dawg Brew Haus, located on J&J's property, joins the winery in sharing the fruits of its labor, which include such brews as Saxy Blonde pale ale and Grandma's imperial oatmeal stout. In addition to regaling guests with tasty pours of beer and vino and delectable Italian feasts, J&J Winery hosts weddings and serenades crowds with live blues, folk, jazz, and whale sounds.

3415 National Rd W

Families and friends glide down Valley’s Edge’s snowy hills atop provided tubes during wind-whipped adventures. During each two-hour tubing outing, groups of two or four take as many tube runs as they like, getting back to the top of the hill via the snow lift or a single superhuman leap. Families of two adults and two children, or one adult and three children, can use the family pass for two hours of tubing fun. Although only one person is allowed per tube, guests can link up to three tubes together so parents or friends caught in chinese finger traps can cling to each other during the descent. Valley’s Edge is open until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, enabling outdoor fun to last long after the sun closes its eye for the evening.

8295 St. Rte. 121
New Paris,