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Sandwich lovers at Submarine House share juicy East Coast–style delicacies, slinging out crowd-pleasing ultra-stacked cheesesteaks and toasted deli subs. A staple of the shop, the cheesesteak packs grilled steak with enough protein to beef up Gumby and tops it with melted cheese and a sauce of mayonnaise, vinegar dressing, and hot-pepper relish ($5.59 for an 8"). Extend sandwiches mouthward with upgrades such as extra meat and cheese, mushrooms, or Italian-ized steaks slathered with marinara and pepperoni ($5.79+ for an 8"). Another NYC-inspired lunch, the regular sub slices salami onto a baked Italian bun ($4.99 for an 8"), and fresh deli sandwiches pep up turkey, ham, or veggies with a kick of house-made sauce ($4.99+ for an 8"). A selection of crispy pizzas ($6.79+), spicy wings ($6.99 for 8), and gyros ($5.19+) round out the shop’s sandwich-dominated menu, just as a strobe light rounds out a strong State of the Union speech.

2051 Salem Ave