Eyelid Surgery in Downey

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  • Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center
    Contour Dermatology bolsters patients struggling with friction-inducing strands and stubble with safe, comfortable laser hair-removal techniques. Over the course of three sessions, medically trained staffers teleport black or brunette fuzz from the face or body to a far-off galaxy by aiming a low-energy GentleLase beam at follicular bases. Charged particles carry enough energy to blast away the melanin inside errant bristles but leave the surrounding skin healthy and unharmed. Like planning a date for your parents, the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable, so technicians employ a cool laser tip, gel, or spray to soothe the skin and help spare nerves undue unpleasantness. Most complexions are acceptable candidates for laser hair removal, but clients with a very dark complexion may be subject to a spot test to ensure effective treatment. Clients need three to six sessions on average to impede ill-placed tufts during the active phase of each follicle's growth cycle.
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    17785 Center Court Dr.
    Cerritos, CA US
  • Blue Diamond Spa & Skincare
    The therapists at Blue Diamond Spa render skincare services, massage therapy, and energy healing. From facials and micropeels to seaweed treatments and body waxing, experienced skincare specialists remove dead skin cells from surfaces and dirt from pores with products from Dermalogica and Jane Iredale. Massage therapists knead out tension and help prevent injury by applying various degrees of pressure, like parents trying to get a perfect child to eat dessert for once. Alternate therapies treat more stubborn imperfections with plastic surgery and Zerona laser treatments that help patients lose weight. Their energy healing, meanwhile, can relieve chronic pain and fatigue. Blue Diamond Spa offers beauty injectables such as Botox and fillers, as well as Carboxy. In addition, there are two Ayurvedic-medicine practitioners on the staff.
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    8622 South Sepulveda Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA US
  • Linage Dermatology Institute Sherman Oaks
    At Linage Dermatology Institute, a crack team of dermatologists, medical aestheticians, and plastic surgeons work hard to deliver revamped bodies and glowing complexions. Among the aesthetic specialists is plastic surgeon Dr. Genevieve MacDonald, who brings beauty to the forefront with procedures such as liposuction and eyelid lifts. "I enjoy doing both [facial and body cosmetic surgery] because I appreciate how each procedure improves appearance and one's self-esteem," she says on her website. In addition to this enthusiasm, Dr. MacDonald treats every patient with an honest personality and medical skills honed at Johns Hopkins University. Happy to have Dr. MacDonald among their ranks, the staff at Linage Dermatology also specializes in laser treatments that zap fine lines and pigmented blemishes, leaving skin looking younger and patients feeling more confident. In an effort to help people maintain renewed faces or pet hairless cats, the institute touts its own line of skincare products called Linage LINQ, a medical-grade line of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers.
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    15477 Ventura Blvd.
    Sherman Oaks, CA US
  • Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery
    Prior to taking the helm of Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Soheil Lahijani first honed his craft at some of the top programs in the country and by the side of international surgical stars. What he learned as the chief resident at Yale University-Saint Mary's Hospital and in the operating rooms of Vanderbilt University and exam rooms of Barcelona, Spain, shaped him into a skilled plastic surgeon. Before he ever picks up a needle, scalpel, or can of spray glitter, he and his staff educate prospective patients on their cosmetic options and counsel them on realistic expected results. Only then does Dr. Lahijani set about performing face-lifts and rhinoplasty, augmenting and lifting breasts, and reshaping physiques with liposuction.
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    2080 Century Park E
    Los Angeles, CA US
  • Doheny Sunset Surgery Center
    The walls of Dr. Raja K. Srour's office are peppered with his own paintings. He finds that his artistic skills travel easily between the canvas and the human body: both depend on his keen eye, dexterous digits, and "intense desire for harmony and perfection." Dr. Srour's treatments all aim for a look that is true to the patient's own personality and ethnic background, creating harmony with their natural features and favorite ascots. Throughout the three decades he's spent performing cosmetic surgeries on Beverly Hills' faces and bodies, Dr. Srour's work has also landed in front of the lenses of Extra and Fox 11.
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    9201 West Sunset Boulevard
    West Hollywood, CA US
  • David A. Feldmar, MD
    Dr. David Feldmar was destined to change people's lives from the day he graduated at the top of his class from Finch University at the Chicago Medical School. He then returned to his hometown of Los Angeles to work alongside the country's top cosmetic and plastics specialists and to eventually teach reconstructive and general surgery at Cedars-Sinai. Now at his own practice, he performs and oversees both surgical treatments, such as rhinoplasties and scar removal, and non-surgical alternatives, such as Botox and compliments. And when he's not working at his home facility, he can often be found volunteering his services for humanitarian needs both domestically and abroad.
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    8635 W 3rd St.
    Los Angeles, CA US