Batting Cages in Drexel Hill

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There's room for all types of workouts in Nexxt Level Sports' 22,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility. Basketball players can hone their technique on two NBA-length hardwood courts, and baseball players can perfect their swings in 70-foot batting cages instead of going to an orchard and waiting for regulation-sized apples to fall. In group-training classes, meanwhile, gym patrons can focus on strength or build endurance with varied circuit workouts, including strength and resistance training. For a more private workout, personal trainers also lead one-on-one sessions, tailoring their exercises to the clients' fitness goals.

333 Preston Ave

Sluggersville’s 22,000 square-foot facility abounds with tunnels, cages, and mounds where kids and adults can hone their baseball fundamentals without ruining the yard or busting a window. Prospecting sluggers can grab a bat and swing for the fences while an automatic pitching machine casts baseballs or softballs their way. Pitchers can assume their stance on the Pro Style pitching mound and register fastballs, curveballs, and sliders to a willing catcher or Venus flytrap. Although Sluggersville is a practice facility, students can put their skills to the test as well; the facility hosts league play and camps for kids and teens.

9490 Bluegrass Rd.

The sounds of cheery competition float across Grand Slam USA's 30,000-square-foot arena, which teems with athletic challenges, a vibrant bounce houses, and other diversions. A glow-in-the-dark miniature-golf course leads putters through nine holes of ominous pirate-themed obstacles, including a ramp into a skull's jaws, a hole fraught with sharks, and perilous unswabbed decks. Adrenaline-soaked games of laser tag lead beam duelers through mazes, around partitions, and over platforms, where they rack up points for hitting special targets and rivals. At the end of each bout, players receive individual score cards that detail high scores and lines flubbed during MAS*H reenactments.

11 E Lancaster Ave

StarSportsUs celebrates the skill, speed, and athleticism of bat-based games such as baseball, softball, and catching a bat that’s flying around your cabin. This celebration manifests itself in the form of batting practice, a well-stocked pro shop, and expert coaching in cricket. At the indoor facility’s four well-lit lanes, visitors can fine-tune their pitching mechanics and batting stances or school themselves in the graceful movements necessary for becoming a cricket batsman. With extensive instructor certification and personal experience in the sport, cricket coaches Earl Daley and Malika Frank guide pupils in its finer points, helping them to build agility, strength, and self-confidence through regular warm-ups and practice. An emporium of cricket gear equips batsmen, bowlers, and wicketkeepers with bats, stumps, kit bags, and gloves from brands such as Slazenger, SG, and Kookaburra.

312 Camars Dr.

Kids and parents alike become adventuresome at HappyTymes Family Fun Center with a slew of whimsical rides and rip-roaring games. Kids can get their first lesson in driver's etiquette on the thundering go-kart course before putting evasive techniques to work on the twirling, spinning slime-buckets ride. After harnessing a reserved sense of accomplishment achieved only after putting one's way through a mini-golf course's myriad challenging obstacles, children can hop on HappyTyme's space train, rumored to be NASA's upcoming replacement for the shuttle. Youngsters may continue to gain useful experience for life's later challenges by tackling the rock wall before practicing a stress-relieving spending spree with their 100 game tokens.

2071 County Line Rd

The cracks of baseball bats, the slaps of softballs meeting mitts, and the advice of an experienced team of instructors resound within Thunder Stix Baseball & Softball Academy's cavernous 11,000-square-foot facility. Baseball and softball players alike hone their cuts inside eight pitching machines that can be adjusted from 40 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour, and brush up on their fielding technique inside four netted astroturf tunnels. Robert Banner—the academy's owner and the head softball coach at Alexis I. DuPont High School—and his instructors use the well-appointed digs to help players of all abilities develop their skills in every facet of the game, including batting, fielding, base running, and agility.

4060 N Dupont Hwy
New Castle,