Charity & Grassroots in Duluth

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  • Lipsey-Bottled in Glass
    Lipsey Mountain Spring Water uses toxin-free containers to escort pure natural spring water from the Blue Ridge Mountains into local homes and offices. Using pharmaceutical-grade glass containers imported from Italy, Lipsey's liquid gold is bottled from sources inside the Lipsey family property in Nantahala National Forest. Unlike plastics, these 100% recyclable glass containers are free of harmful contaminants such as BPA and preserve your water's purity and taste so that it can be contaminated by sugary drink powder not endorsed by astronauts.
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    1701 Oakbrook Dr
    Norcross, GA US
  • Under The Umbrella
    A Safe, Fun Interactive Oasis for Autistic Children to Stay and Play. Children with sensory issues to children who are non-verbal will love to come and relax in this environment.
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    8560 Holcomb Bridge Road
    Alpharetta, GA US
  • Canine Assistants
    Jennifer Arnold was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as a teenager and spent two years in a wheelchair. A local organization at the time trained service dogs to help people in wheelchairs, but it had a long waiting list, so Jennifer and her family went on to spend the next 10 years organizing Canine Assistants to connect people with service dogs. Canine Assistants trains dogs and places them with recipients that have physical disabilities, seizure disorders, and special needs. The dogs can assist with a variety of everyday tasks, such as turning on lights, opening doors, retrieving dropped objects, and providing companionship. Specially trained seizure-response dogs can also remain next to recipients during episodes and summon help. Canine Assistants also takes trained dogs on educational presentations around the region where they meet with students and people in hospitals to teach about disabilities. A new K-9 kids' reading program aims to motivates children to learn to read by letting them read aloud to the dogs, putting them at ease with a companion from whom they will receive no judgment.
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    3160 Francis Rd
    Alpharetta, GA US
  • Feral Cat Program of Georgia
    Feral Cat Program of Georgia works with the community and a network of veterinarians to spay or neuter and vaccinate stray and feral cats throughout north Fulton and Forsyth Counties. Older cats are returned to their colonies and given food, water, and shelter by traveling colony caregivers, even in severe weather. Kittens are adopted into foster homes to help protect them from predators and foul weather. Volunteers help socialize these kittens, giving them both food and loving attention so that they can live happily in adoptive homes when they grow older. Foster families need to sit with them while they eat and pet them at least three times a day to help the kittens build trust in humans. In 2009, the program placed 228 cats into new homes and sterilized an additional 525 animals.
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    3006 Steeplechase
    Alpharetta, Georgia US
  • Project Paws Alive
    When two loving pet owners heard about a series of police-dog deaths that could have been prevented if the dogs had been wearing protective vests, they knew they had to do something to protect these brave animals. So they founded Project Paws Alive, Inc., and now they and their dedicated volunteers spend their nights and weekends—on top of their own jobs—working to ensure that law-enforcement and military canines, as well as domestic pets affected by trauma, receive the same protection and life-saving measures as their human counterparts. The initiative receives requests from civil-service agencies around the country for equipment such as stab- and bulletproof vests for police dogs, canine field-trauma kits, cooling vests, and oxygen masks for domestic pets suffering from smoke inhalation. Often this equipment is too costly for agencies to purchase themselves, or it is prohibited by governmental restrictions but can help police departments, fire departments, and medical first responders save the lives of dogs that work hard to keep humans safe. See how Groupon helps you discover local causes and lend a helping hand at the Groupon Grassroots blog.
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    1911 Grayson Highway Suite 8-158
    Grayson, GA US
  • Jump Oasis Party Studio
    Against a backdrop of lime-green walls and painted murals of palm trees, monkeys, and children at play, sock-footed youths scale the collection of inflatable structures that fill Jump Oasis's massive playroom. Leaping is the chief activity at Jump Oasis, where kids aged 1–16 bound about vibrantly colored bounce houses and shoot down 18-foot slides as monitors ensure safe play. At a stage area flanked by black walls, children bust moves playing Wii dance games and churn out pop music while crooning along to more than 300 karaoke songs to serenade parents as an apology for forgetting their anniversary. Every other Friday night, the playground is open to preteens aged 8–12, who dance to a DJ's tunes or compete in games of Just Dance 2 under the glow of disco lights. Parents keep an eye on their kids while also keeping track of sports scores as they recline on the leather couch surrounding a big-screen television in the playroom. Nearby, foam flooring pads an area exclusively for toddlers, where they can crawl and babble far away from prying ears trying desperately to decode baby talk.
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    1940 Parker Ct
    Stone Mountain, GA US