Mini Golf in Endwell

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  • Barnyard Swing Miniature Golf
    Barnyard Swing Mini Golf's 18-hole mini golf course and indoor-outdoor laser-tag game send cheers of jovial competition wafting across a water sluice for gemstone mining and faux barn loaded with frozen treats. Putters step up to the landscaped course to aim shots through drop-down holes, navigate the curves of a rickety watermill with turning wheel, and avoid the distractions of squirrel hecklers. Following the game, golfers strap on their imaginary spurs for a 25-minute laser-tag battle. Cowboys and cowgirls chase each other through the Western-themed indoor and outdoor battlegrounds, aiming harmless light beams towards each other while romping as joyfully as a tumbleweed off its leash.
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    4604 Highway 28
    Cooperstown, NY US
  • Putter's Paradise
    Putter's and Batter's Paradise, one of upstate New York’s largest mini-golf facilities, unfurls three challenging 18-hole courses that usher visitors along plush lawns, weathered rocks, and bright tulips. Each hole tests mini golfers with different obstacles such as towering castles, cascading waterfalls, and brightly painted animals, which guests can putt around or talk their way through should they bring their therapists. Group sizes are limited to four players so others don’t have to wait between putts and club-busting tantrums. After a day of swinging the iron dowel, guests can cool off with ice cream from the new onsite parlor, which slings soft-serve cones and sixteen flavors of hard ice cream that include classic vanilla and maple walnut.
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    3201 Erie Boulevard East
    Syracuse, NY US
  • Bounce FunPlex & Mini golf
    Bounce FunPlex & Mini Golf specializes in gravity-defying fun. In one area, kids jump extra high atop floors and walls made of trampolines?playing dodgeball or practicing flips into brightly colored foam pits. In another area, youngsters leap around inflatable bounce houses, decorated with gleeful cartoon characters. Visitors saving their jump energy for an upcoming moon mission can partake in the complex's 18-hole mini-golf course, complete with a tinkling waterfall.
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    15 Stetler Ave.
    Shamokin Dam, PA US
  • Chuckster's Vestal
    Chuckster's 18-hole course casts balls along the humps and twists of elongated greens and optional watery passages, earning it the honor of hosting the 2010 National Miniature Golf championship, while three other entertainment options encourage climbing, bouncing, and twirling. Chuckster's rock-climbing wall grants geology-enthusiasts a 27-foot ascent, while jumpsters places guests in a bouncy harness to catapult, twirl, flip, and practice future moon landings. Aeroball pits gamers against each other as they bounce on a trampoline to make hoops, combining the hand-eye coordination of basketball with the restlessness of kangaroos in elevators. Delicious ice-cream cones await all golfers, climbers, and aeroballers after they finish putting their final hole or tearfully reuniting with gravity, and Chuckster’s also hosts live music every Thursday evening starting at 7 p.m.
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    1915 Vestal Pkwy W
    Vestal, NY US
  • T-Burg Mini Golf
    The corn maze's 3.5 miles of twisting pathways trace a pictorial pattern as they encircle wandering patrons, who usually take 45 minutes to two hours to re-emerge. Customers equipped with a flashlight can up the ante by navigating the agrarian labyrinth in the dark on Friday and Saturday nights or by evading its extraterrestrial caretakers when they descend to prune the walls. T-Burg Mini Golf challenges pintsize putters with an artfully landscaped 18-hole course and a corn maze with 3.5 miles of paths. Entrants of any age can nudge golf balls through sculpted green slopes and around mini hazards while sharpening their botanical know-how with views of more than 2,000 native plants. Like a downed gladiator who suddenly remembers the blowgun in his pocket, the course's 19th Plinko hole can remix player rankings moments before the game's conclusion.
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    1966 Trumansburg Road
    Trumansburg, NY US
  • Shipwreck Golf and Cones
    Helmed by lifelong Cortland residents Stephen and Patricia Jordan, Shipwreck Golf Amusement Center regales fun-seeking guests of all abilities with three engaging attractions. The 18-hole, indoor black light mini-golf course takes putt-putters on a pilgrimage through a 450-foot labyrinth of smooth faux-greens framed by phosphorescent murals depicting underwater ruins and neon incarnations of each golfer’s embarrassing yearbook photos. Playful music is complemented by emerald corridors that snake through a pirate-themed pastiche of misting waterfalls, wooden ships, and lush palm trees. The scampering feet of kids age 2–10 can bounce, bound, and barrel roll across the cushy floor of the bounce houses that populate Shipwreck’s play area, which also includes a dress-up area, two play houses, and a play office where kids can jubilantly file tax forms.
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    759 Highway 13
    Cortland, NY US