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  • Ks Restaurant
    For a quaint cafe in Brookville's Brookville neighborhood, try Ks Restaurant. It s best to save your lighter eating habits for another day, though, as low-fat is not featured on the menu here. Parties of any size can easily be seated at Ks Restaurant. Show up in sneakers or a suit at Ks Restaurant, where dining in comfort is of utmost importance. Or, take your food to go. You can also serve food from Ks Restaurant at your next party — the restaurant offers catering. Ks Restaurant's diners can park in a neighboring lot just seconds away. If you go out for a nice meal, it doesn't need to cost $100, come treat yourself at Ks Restaurant. You can stop by at practically any time, since Ks Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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    428 North Wolf Creek Street
    Brookville, OH US
  • Kanoe Cafe
    The blender whizzes at Kanoe Cafe serve up refreshing smoothies infused with fresh fruits and frozen yogurt. Peruse the menu and choose a 16-ounce smoothie ($3.75) from the eight preplanned combos, or create your own cacophony of flavors. Each smoothie begins with ice, Wow Cow frozen yogurt, real fruit juice, and heaping scoops of fresh fruit. The Mango Tango puts a dip in imbibers' steps without the fear of dropping their partners, and the Orange Sunset's inclusion of citrus and vitamin C prevents outbreaks of scurvy and subsequent spikes in the pirate population. Other steadfast fruit aggregates include strawberry banana, wild berry, and Tropical Rage, all of which customers can add a protein boost to for $2 more. Any funds left over after your initial visit will be transferred onto a gift card for future smoothie excursions.
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    16 South Tippecanoe Drive
    Tipp City, OH US
  • Cafe 125
    Hot sauce isn't normally served with belgian waffles, but it is when the waffles are served with chicken. That's the case at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, where the specialty is chicken and waffles. If the combination of sweet-and-spicy flavors forms a wedge among your taste buds, Cafe 125 also serves cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee drinks to accompany its housemade soups and desserts.
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    4456 Powell Rd
    Huber Heights, OH US
  • Winans Fine Chocolates & Coffees
    The Winans family has been making lives a little sweeter for more than a century. During the Great Depression, townspeople would flock to the family?s bakery in Piqua with their sugar rations. Owner Wayne Winans would take that sugar and turn it into freshly baked cookies?a small pick-me-up at a time when even small pick-me-ups were a luxury. Years later, Wayne?s sons, Max and Dick, carried the family torch into the 1960s, when the first Winans Fine Chocolates & Coffees was born. Today, the Winans family continues to do what it does best at three Ohio locations. All of the business?s chocolates are handmade, with no preservatives or fillers, and never cryogenically frozen. The family?s emphasis on freshness carries over to their coffee, too, which has frequently been named the area's best by the readers of the Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Daily News. The secret is in their roasting process?their small, 15-pound roaster requires them to roast the beans in small batches, which leads to a more consistent product. Once the beans are ready, coffee artisans carefully combine them with other roasts to create a vast assortment of flavors, which includes 11 house coffee blends, 12 flavored coffees, and even more seasonal selections.
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    2806 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.
    Dayton, OH US
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe
    Tropical Smoothie Café cools down overheated inner-beings with its all-natural smoothies—forged from real fruit and bursting at its sippable seams with energy. Plunge into a 24-ounce, low-fat fruit smoothie ($4.29), sweetened with your choice of turbinado sugar or Splenda. Flavors include the strawberry/banana/pineapple blend of Paradise Point, the blueberry/strawberry/banana oasis of Blue Lagoon, and the delicious dawnbreak of Sunny Day, which is packed with mango, banana, orange, and kiwi. If teeth start to grumble about having nothing to do, guests can chomp a satisfyingly solid slab of sustenance with one of Tropical Smoothie Café's sandwiches, wraps, or salads. Tear into a bistro sandwich ($6.49) such as the turkey guacamole, or gnaw on a grilled flatbread ($3.99) such as the Caribbean Luau, which is bedecked in chicken, mozzarella, pineapple, romaine, and Jamaican jerk sauce. Make amends with your mouth for last summer's exhausting gum-chewing marathon with the Paradise Combo ($9.99)—which throws down the gauntlet of appetizing with a smoothie of your choice and any toasted wrap, bistro sandwich, or gourmet salad plus chips or fruit. Menus and prices may vary slightly at different locations.
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    2307 Far Hills Ave
    Dayton, OH US
  • Saxby's Coffee
    Saxbys Coffee delights taste buds with coffees brewed from small-batch roasted beans. Green coffee beans journey from their country of origin to Saxbys' roasting facility, where the master roaster employs traditional European techniques to carefully roast each small batch of beans, giving them a light, medium, or dark flavor profile. In-store baristas spice up cups of java with more than 200 flavorings, such as coconut and toasted marshmallow, that imbue brews with an extra kick. Saxbys Coffee is just as meticulous with the environment as it is with its beverages—all of the shop's lids, java jackets, napkins, and cups are 100% recyclable and 100% welcomed by billy goats attempting to curb their tin-can addictions.
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    2700 Miamisburg Centerville Rd
    Dayton, OH US

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