Phone Repair in Fresno

Phone Front Screen Repair at Payless Computers & Cell Phone Repair (Up to 60% Off). Four Options Available.

Payless Computers & Cell Phone Repair


Technicians repair front screens for range of iPhone or Galaxy models

$55 $25

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iPhone 5 Screen Replacement from Houston Mobile Repair (50% Off)

Houston Mobile Repair


From the merchant: Get a replacement of the complete assembly for the price of a glass replacement!

$199 $100

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One-Month Cell Phone Plans from Mastro Inc (Up to 66% Off)

Mastro Inc

Sugar Land

Contract-free cell phone plans enable unlimited talking and texting, as well as ample web browsing and video watching

$87 $30

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Screen Repair for an iPhone 4/4S, 5–6, or 6 Plus or an iPad 2–4, Air, or Mini at Express Mobile (Up to 51% Off)

Express Mobile


Technicians replace cracked screens on a wide range of iPhone and iPad models

$79 $39

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Front Screen Repair for iPhone or Galaxy or Samsung Charging Port Replacement at Exotic Wireless Up to 56% Off

Exotic Wireless


Expert smart phone technicians repair broken screens on iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2/3 or Galaxy S3/S4, or replace Samsung charging ports

$200 $89

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iPhone 5 Screen Replacement from Houston iPhone Repair (50% Off)

Houston Iphone Repair


From the merchant: We replace cracked screens on iPhones 5/5s/5c or iPads; Same-day service; 90-day Warranty!

$110 $55

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Smartphone and iPad Screen Repair from B&B Computers and Cell Phone (Up to 61% Off). Four Options Available.

B&B Computers and Cell Phone

Woodlake - Briar Meadow

Technicians speedily replace broken screens on phones, including the iPhone 4 and 4s, Galaxy III, and iPhone 5, and on iPads

$45 $20

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Front Screen Repair for an iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy at Gadget MD (Up to 61% Off). Six Options Available.

Gadget MD


Apple specialists fix cracked and broken phones or tablets by repairing LCD screens and glass

$55 $25

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Tablet- or Phone-Screen Repair, or a Charging-Port Repair at Olical Cell (Up to 70% Off). Five Options Available.

Olical Cell


Apple and Samsung phones and tablets return to working order with screen repairs; a charging-port repair helps extend battery life

$120 $36

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Smartphone- or Tablet-Screen Repair at RB Cell Repair (Up to 54% Off). Eight Options Available.

RB Cell Repair

Multiple Locations

iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and tablets have their cracked or broken screens repaired by savvy techs in just one hour

$119 $59

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$112 for $250 Groupon — Electrotech Supply

Electrotech Supply

Greater Third Ward

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$250 $112

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Smartphone or Tablet Repairs or Computer Virus Removal at Free Phone Repair (Up to 63% Off). 7 Options Available.

Free Phone Repair

Woodlake - Briar Meadow

Experts fix cracked screen on phones and tablets, treating Apple and Samsung products as well as other brands and cell phones

$150 $59

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iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Screen Repair at Cell Phone Repair Guyz (Up to 55% Off). Eight Options Available.

Cell Phone Repair Guyz


Cracked, chipped, and smashed screens are thoroughly repaired, returning iPhone, iPad, and Samsung phones and tablets to like-new status

$119 $59

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Smartphone Repairs for iPhone and Galaxy and Tablet Repairs for iPad at RD Wireless (Up to 61% Off). Six Options Available.

RD Wireless


Techs repair cracked screens on Samsung and Apple products, including the iPhone and iPad

$40 $19

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Glass Replacement for an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy at AYZ Cell Phone Repair (Up to 55% Off)

AYZ Cell Phone Repair


Techs replace cracked glass on recent models of Apple and Samsung devices

$120 $59

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Smartphone and Tablet Repairs at Modern Electronics Repair (Up to 63% Off). Four Options Available.

Modern Electronics Repair


Staff repairs cracked screens on smartphones and tablets such as the iPad 3; offers iPhone battery replacments

$100 $45

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Smartphone Screen Repair at G-Cell Phone Repair (Up to 50% Off). Four Options Available.

G-Cell Phone Repair


Technicians repair cracked and damaged screens on range of smartphones and tablets

$85 $55

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Front Digitizer and Screen Repair for a Mobile Device at We Can Fix It (Up to 62% Off). Three Options Available.

We Can Fix It

South Park

Technicians repair front digitizers and screens on Galaxy or Apple mobile devices

$130 $49

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iPhone or iPad Screen Repair at iFix Gadgets (Up to 51% Off). Nine Options Available.

iFix Gadgets

Multiple Locations

Shattered or cracked screens on various iPhone and iPad models get the healing touch from technicians

$50 $39

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Smartphone- or Tablet-Glass Repair at AK Cell Phone And Jewelry Store (Up to 61% Off). Five Options Available.

AK Cell Phone And Jewelry Store

Northwest Harris

Technicians repair cracked touchscreen glass for the iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad 2 or 3, and Samsung S3 and S4

$40 $19

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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement from Gadget Fix (45% Off)

Gadget Fix


Technicians provide repairs and battery replacement for smartphones and tablets

$69 $38

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Mobile Device Repair at Cell N Trade (Up to 53% Off). Seven Options Available.

Cell N Trade

Cinco Ranch

Technicians get your gadgets up and running again by fixing broken screens or performing other repairs, restorig them to working order

$89 $42

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Select Local Merchants

The technicians at Texas Cellular have all worked for major cellphone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, and HTC. Collectively, they've amassed tons of knowledge about cellphone models over the course of two decades in the industry. Calling on this expertise, they're able to repair cracked screens, fix charging issues, and eliminate any low-pitched groans emanating from the key pad. Texas Cellular also maintains a large inventory of phones and accessories, and is a direct distributor of such brands as Verizon, T-Mobile, and GoSmart.

503 Texas Parkway
Missouri City,

So many factors come into play when computers, phones, and tablets misbehave. It could be a hardware problem. It could be a software problem. Or, it could be a hardware, software, and shower-of-boulders problem. But whatever the circumstances that led to the malfunction, Payless Computers & Cell Phone Repair's team can speedily resurrect that ailing technology with thorough electronic autopsies and analog customer service. Specializing in nearly every make and model of device, the technicians use their equipment and savvy to restore phones' cracked touchscreens to their original un-cracked sheen and get sluggish computer microprocessors back into racing form.

12343 Murphy Road Ste B

uBreakiFix CEO Justin Wetherill spoke with Groupon about the importance of protecting your smartphone and the challenges of fixing a phone that has been dropped into a deep fryer.

On the worst thing you can do after cracking your smartphone?s glass screen

?Don?t just put it into your pocket and continue to use it,? Wetherill says. The broken glass can actually cause serious damage to the phone?s inner components and turn a relatively simple fix into a costly repair job.

On the repair process

"Look, this is something we do every day," Wetherill says. "You are not the first person to break a phone.? Collectively, uBreakiFix's highly trained technicians repair more than 20,000 devices a month, drawing from a library of high-quality parts that are tested twice before they ever get used in a repair service. Free diagnostics are a staple at all uBreakiFix locations, so customers understand the problem before any work is done.

On growing his business

uBreakiFix began as a business based out of Wetherill?s living room, and it now boasts more than 60 locations nationwide. ?We are proof that the American dream is alive,? he says.

On unusual repair jobs

Wetherill remembers one fast-food employee who dropped her phone into a restaurant?s deep fryer. ?It smelled pretty bad,? he said; however, the repairs were successful. Another customer lost his phone in a cement mixer. After some serious effort, the technicians were able to safely recover all of the important data, but the phone died a few hours later. As Wetherill pointed out, ?it did go through a cement mixer.? Some miracles just aren?t meant to be.

On the importance of a one-day turnaround time

Repairs at uBreakiFix?s store locations can often take as little as an hour, according to Wetherill. This is a critical part of the shops' focus?something Wetherill personally understands. If forced to choose between spending the weekend without his smartphone or his left arm, he jokes that he would pick the arm. ?Of course, this is assuming that there wouldn?t be any pain,? he laughs.

11200 Broadway Street

When a screen cracks, a tablet gets wet, or a laptop turns back into a pumpkin, the technicians of Gadget MD swoop in to save the day. Backing all their work with a six-month guarantee, and often available for same-day service, the team is adept at returning doohickeys to their functioning, good-looking selves. Apple fans are especially enamored of the Gadget crew, who effortlessly renovate all manner of Mac devices.

16535 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land,

As innovative as the touchscreen is, no manufacturer has found a way to overcome the fact that glass still breaks. When accidents strike, phone owners can turn to Apex Wireless. The Apex technicians specialize in both smart phone and laptop repair, including screen repairs for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxies. Moreover, they stock an array of no-contract smartphones for customers who've forgotten their signatures.

7030 Monroe

A smartphone's tiny screen relies on the strange properties of liquid crystals. Check out Groupon's study of LCDs to learn how they create the vivid pictures in your pocket.

Liquid Crystals and LCDs: How Cell Phones Resemble Carrots

The term liquid crystal seems a contradiction, but a liquid crystal is actually neither a liquid nor a solid?it's both, stuck in a sort of chemical limbo with its molecules somewhere between the liquid and solid phases. When an electrical current passes through a liquid crystal, its molecular orientation changes, and so does the direction of light that passes through it. By sandwiching these crystals between polarized glass and manipulating the current passing through them, your phone is able to control the light they channel, resulting in the high-contrast images that appear on screen. Although our brains only see each pixel as a single dot, each consists of red, blue, and green subpixels that, when lit at various intensities, can emit more than 16 million colors.

Despite their advanced applications, liquid crystals are not a recent discovery. They were first identified in the late 19th century by a scientist studying cholesterol extracted from carrots?a natural source of liquid crystals, as are human beings and most other living things, which tend to have them in their cell membranes. Liquid crystals and LCDs were the subject of research and patent applications throughout the early 20th century?including one filed by Marconi?s Wireless Telegraph Company in 1936?and finally hit consumer electronics in the early 1970s, when they were introduced in wristwatches.

4544 South Pinemont Drive