Mani Pedi in Gaithersburg

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The expert technicians at Nails First Salon treat fingers and toes to indulgent manicures and pedicuresmani-pedis, leaving happy appendages bursting with self-confidence. Your friendly nail buffer will trim ragged tips incurred from hours of banana tree climbingdramatic cliff dangling, leaving previously unkempt disheveled hands foot-fingers and hand-toes and feet in a state of aesthetically pleasing symmetry. Once your extremity casings have been clipped, shaped, and filed to perfection, a fresh coat of paint will cap off the full mani-pedi treatmentTechnicolor your keratin. By the time you leave Nails First Salon, The world is your oyster with your new set of paws, as oysters are extremely particular about whose prying fingers they allow inside their jewel birthing shells.your hands and feet will feel as beautifully primped as boy-princes resting atop cushions of fresh fruit.

815 Hungerford Dr

Rose Nails' technicians revamp natural and faux nails with OPI and Essie polishes. As clients unwind in leather treatment chairs, staffers administer spa mani-pedis and paraffin treatments featuring an array of polishes, from traditional French 'cures to intricate nail designs including flowers, checkered patterns, and portraits of the client's pet's favorite checkered flowers. Rose Nails’ staff also tends to faux nail coverings with services capped by acrylic and gel nails.

18542 Woodfield Rd

Traditional nail polish, while pretty and colorful, can be loaded with toxins. Eschewing these formulas, the nail experts at Green Nails give fingers and toes luster with Zoya polish, which is non-toxic, yet leaves nails just as glossy and attractive to small birds. During mani-pedis, fingers and toes soak in all-natural extracts and oils, while salt scrubs slough away dead skin cells and free-trade shea butter locks in moisture. For more long-lasting color, technicians brush chip-resistant get polish onto nails.

1118 9th St