Computer Repair in High Point

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Signature service: iPhone, iPad, and Mac Repair

Established: 2012

Reservations/Appointments: Optional

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Average Duration of Services: 1?2 hours

Brands Used: Apple

Pro Tip: Feel free to call us with any questions, we recommend you backup your device before any repair.

Q&A with Robert, President

What is one of your signature services? How is it performed?

We offer on-site support for consumers and businesses as well as repair for Apple products. All of our repairs are performed by Apple-certified technicians. We inform our customers of the best way to get their product back in working order, showing them new things along the way.

What aspect of your job, or the services you offer, most often surprises people?

Our staff is [made up of] all former Apple employees with over 11 years of experience working for Apple. All of our technicians are Apple certified in hardware and software. We enjoy helping our customers get the most out of their technology.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

We also offer on-site support for customers wanting help with their Apple products in the comfort of their own homes. For businesses, we offer full IT support for companies using Apple along with loaners and off-site backup to protect their business and its data.

851 Old Winston Road Unit 109

It's the age of communication, and to keep everyone connected iSolutions repairs and customizes all mobile devices. That includes all Apple tech that begins with a lower-case 'i', as well as Androids and tablets. When LEDs, LCDs, screens, and digitizers are on the fritz, they can mend them. When clients tire of their same old devices, they can customize them to give them whole new looks. Or, if clients are more than tired of their mobiles, they can buy new ones and recycle their old phone's parts, ensuring landfills don't become cellphone graveyards.

4929 W Market St Ste 2105

The crew at NVTech Computer Repair is focused solely on computers, and they don’t let other matters such as retail products or consumer goods get in their way. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they deftly service tower computers and laptops with upgrades, repairs, setups, and preventative procedures. Their services range from operating-system installation and PC tune-ups to data backups, wireless printer installation, and parental-control setting.

314 Large Oak Lane

Computers, mankind's new best friend, need just as much care and upkeep as mankind. We Handle Tech does that. Big or small, they repair and tune-up PCs to keep them functioning smoothly and efficiently. That includes everything from removing spyware and fraudware to manually cleaning out registries and replacing laptop screens. Whether it's for home or business, their heads are filled with the knowledge to create solutions to nearly all computing needs.

19420 Jetton Road Unit 101

For human beings, contracting a virus often means coming down with the sniffles, missing a day or two of work, and getting slowly back into the swing of things. For computers, the results are much more drastic: lost files, compromised data, and even total hardware failure. The tech experts at Price Right Technologies understand that, when it comes to electronic health, the stakes are high. That's why they devote their days to diagnosing, scrubbing, and repairing infected hard drives. In addition to their virus-busting maintenance appointments, the experts can also install new hardware, manage SEO requirements, and help businesses find the networking and tech packages that meet their specific needs.

1058 West Club Boulevard

uBreakiFix CEO Justin Wetherill spoke with Groupon about the importance of protecting your smartphone and the challenges of fixing a phone that has been dropped into a deep fryer.

On the worst thing you can do after cracking your smartphone?s glass screen

?Don?t just put it into your pocket and continue to use it,? Wetherill says. The broken glass can actually cause serious damage to the phone?s inner components and turn a relatively simple fix into a costly repair job.

On the repair process

"Look, this is something we do every day," Wetherill says. "You are not the first person to break a phone.? Collectively, uBreakiFix's highly trained technicians repair more than 20,000 devices a month, drawing from a library of high-quality parts that are tested twice before they ever get used in a repair service. Free diagnostics are a staple at all uBreakiFix locations, so customers understand the problem before any work is done.

On growing his business

uBreakiFix began as a business based out of Wetherill?s living room, and it now boasts more than 60 locations nationwide. ?We are proof that the American dream is alive,? he says.

On unusual repair jobs

Wetherill remembers one fast-food employee who dropped her phone into a restaurant?s deep fryer. ?It smelled pretty bad,? he said; however, the repairs were successful. Another customer lost his phone in a cement mixer. After some serious effort, the technicians were able to safely recover all of the important data, but the phone died a few hours later. As Wetherill pointed out, ?it did go through a cement mixer.? Some miracles just aren?t meant to be.

On the importance of a one-day turnaround time

Repairs at uBreakiFix?s store locations can often take as little as an hour, according to Wetherill. This is a critical part of the shops' focus?something Wetherill personally understands. If forced to choose between spending the weekend without his smartphone or his left arm, he jokes that he would pick the arm. ?Of course, this is assuming that there wouldn?t be any pain,? he laughs.

7010 Smith Corners Boulevard