Dentist in Greenville

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  • Advanced Dental
    Advanced Dental’s league of enamel avengers takes its cues from seasoned dentist Peter Tsambazis and keeps abreast of the latest tooth-tiding techniques and technology for refurbishing smiles of all ages. The office’s comprehensive array of services spotlights the staff’s multiple talents, such as periodontal surgery, bone grafting, and being able to hold their breath throughout entire treatments. Routine exams and cleanings scrutinize mouths for oral ailments, and cosmetic treatments renovate grins with porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. At each of Advanced Dental’s locations in Jersey City and Denville, visitors can unwind in a homey setting marked by paintings and stacks of magazines.
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    223 Mallory Avenue
    Jersey City, NJ US
  • Cosmetic and Wellness Center
    The talented tooth doctors at Cosmetic and Wellness Center perfect the mouth bones of beauty queens, models, and local television personalities with deftly executed cosmetic dental services. After an initial cosmetic analysis ensures teeth are primed for the treatment, a protective shield covers lips and gums, leaving only fangs exposed as the technician coats them with a hydrogen-peroxide-infused gel. A Zoom!-specific light illuminates mouthscapes, breaking up stains, discoloration, and subversive revolutionaries while you recline in a cozy chair. The treatment encompasses three 15-minute sessions and, once completed, makes smiles appear an average of eight shades lighter. With proper postbleaching care, teeth can retain the permanent sparkling brightness of a lighthouse covered in fire-extinguisher foam.
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    90 Avenue B
    Bayonne, NJ US