French Restaurants in Joplin

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At Lola’s Pastries & Eatery, the aromas of fresh, homemade pastries waft through the air as passionate cooks craft sandwiches from Grandma Lola’s original recipes. The breakfast menu is populated with a slew of made-from-scratch delights, including Lola’s Irresistible cinnamon rolls ($2.39) and coffeecake that douses succulent crumbles of moist cake in fresh-roasted coffee ($2.19). Fresh-baked jumbo muffins fill opponents’ mouths during heated morning bird-watching debates ($1.79), and on-the-go breakfasts, such as the heart-healthy muffin and fruit trio paired with custom-blended, locally roasted coffee ($4.39), facilitate efficient early-morning existences.

110 N Fort St