Hypnosis in Kingsland

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Students should bring: Bottle of water, towel, comfortable workout clothes

Registration required: Yes

Good for beginners: Yes

Average class length: 60 minutes

Number of Staff: 1?5 people

Class location: Mix of indoor and outdoor classes

Established: 2012

Parking: Parking lot

Q&A with Kevin, Head Coach/trainer

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

We have a fun, family atmosphere that provides a variety of methods and benchmark goals to keep members motivated and on track.

What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student?

We go through a group warm up, learn a new skill or work on a existing skill. Then we set up for the workout. The workouts are constantly varied; they can be done as an individual, performed with a partner or small team.

2611 Old Middleburg Road North

Renee N. Sakr, a board-certified hypnotherapist, heads up Goldlite Hypnosis Institute, a place dedicated to positive change. These changes can be anything from helping a dieter lose weight to giving an athlete the focus to improve their end-zone-dance performance. As a certified hypnotherapy instructor, Renee also unveils the healing powers of suggestion to aspiring practitioners and teaches courses in HypnoBirthing to expectant mothers.

11481 St Augustine Rd

James P. Ryan of the Radiant Wellness Hypnosis Institute has treated thousands of individuals using basic and intensive hypnosis in an effort to stimulate personal growth and self-improvement. The institute’s treatments may help clients overcome anxieties, bad habits, chronic pain, and a veritable treasure trove of other physical and mental ailments. Hypnotees who want more than an hour under the pocket watch can pay an additional $30 for each extra 15 minutes. Curious cats looking to shed their fear coat can read a detailed description of the hypnosis experience that explains no one loses control of their free will, sense of humor, or third eye.

100 Executive Way
Ponte Vedra Beach,

Moureen Tansuwat uses the art of hypnosis to help clients combat weight issues, addictions to smoking, insomnia, and test anxiety. She also hosts a tea and cookies support group that provides a safe environment for individuals to express their feelings.

4131 NW 13th St