Fitness Classes in Rough Hollow

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Training at Rough Hollow Fitness Center is an aesthetically inspiring experience, as the facility is nestled in the limestone cliffs overlooking the waterfront of Lake Travis. The fitness center itself contains two gyms, one for strength training and one for cardio. The strength gym features a state-of-the-art range-limiting strength line, dumbbells, an upper-lip stiffener, a functional training area supplied with core and stabilization training equipment, and much more. The cardio gym contains a windmill-factory's worth of high-tech equipment, including treadmills, a VersaClimber, a Fluid Rower, and a stationary bike that uses virtual-reality and regular reality to immerse users in the fitness experience. Take the training outdoors for a water-training session and focus on kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

105 Yacht Club Cove

Harry Shaw didn't found a combat-focused gym because he likes to beat people up?though he is a 2nd Dan Black Belt. Rather, he hoped to run a venue where his community could learn to feel both healthy and safe. He and his staff of certified instructors lead self-defense and exercise programs in a judgment-free zone, training students ranging from 7-year-old kids to law-enforcement personnel.

Their krav-maga classes teach the reality-based strikes and escapes of the Israeli Defense Forces' official combat system. In sessions for children and adults, coaches demonstrate how to swiftly and instinctively guard against attacks from offenders both with and without weapons. Combat Fitness courses draw from UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten's MMA system, which mixes fighting drills with cardio workouts more effectively than biking through a boxing match.

909 RR 620 South, Suite A