Natural Medicine in Las Vegas

Up to 67% Off Hypnotherapy

Santa Fe

$100 $39

Dr. Sumner Walz uses hypnotherapy to help overcome obstacles and create growth and change in patrons' lives; sessions are 50 minutes

Up to 60% Off Community Acupuncture

Los Ranchos

$50 $25

Acupuncturists utilize thin, sterile needles to unblock energy pathways for patients relaxing together as a group

Half Off TAT Stress Reduction Session

Rio Rancho

$60 $30

Online Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) sessions reduce stress, manage pain, and assauge other maladies with energy psychology

Half Off Acupuncture at Movement Inspired

Rio Rancho

$100 $50

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

45-Minute Acupuncture Session from Dr. Russell S. Baum D.O.M

Rio Rancho

$65 $29

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

Up to 55% Off Reflexology or Muscle Therapy

Rio Rancho

$85 $45

The foot treatment includes a sugar scrub and reflexology; hot-and-cold muscle therapy combines warming oil and cooling gel

Up to 59% Off Reiki and Bio-Mat Sessions

Rio Rancho

$80 $35

Reiki practitioner transfers energy by laying her hands on the fully clothed client; FDA-approved Bio-Mat sessions relieve stress and pain

Up to 55% Off Neuromuscular-Therapy Treatments


$70 $35

Staff aims to treat pain at its source and balance the nervous and musculoskeletal systems with soft-tissue manipulation techniques

Up to 55% Off Hypnosis Sessions at Inspiring Beauty

Inspiring Beauty Spa

$125 $59

Skilled hypnotherapist uses hypnosis techniques to help patients with life goals, such as stress relief, weight loss, and smoking cessation

Half Off Acupuncture at Central Wellness Group


$120 $59.99

You and a friend sit side-by-side during an acupuncture treatment that can alleviate allergies and chronic pain

Up to 74% Off at New Direction Chiropractic

New Direction Chiropractic

$94 $29

A chiropractic exam and adjustment relieves spinal pressure

70% Off Hypnosis


$180 $54

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

73% Off at Chaco Acupuncture

Duke City Industrial Area

$80 $22

A doctor of Oriental medicine uses tiny, sterile needles to help clear energy blockages within the body

Up to 57% Off at Nob Hill Community Acupuncture

Nob Hill

$50 $25

Acupuncture treatments in a group setting can help relieve conditions such as addiction, allergies, or anemia

Half Off at Moses Kountry Health Food Store

Alamedan Valley

$30 $15

5,000 sq. ft. shop houses herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements, and health-minded groceries

Up to 63% Off Massage or Chakra Balancing


$145 $55

Therapists blend either massage techniques or chakra balancing with core synchronism to relax muscles and restore balance

Up to 55% Off Reflexology Packages


$95 $45

Reflexology targets stress and imbalances in the body through the massaging of the feet

Up to 73% Off Chiropractic Treatments

Southeast Heights

$115 $35

Chiropractors fix back pain and other maladies with spinal adjustments; meridian therapy removes spasm and trigger points

Up to 61% Off Acupuncture at Beauty in Wellness


$85 $39

A doctor of Oriental medicine invigorates the body with an acupuncture treatment that incorporates needles, magnets, and taishin work

Up to 63% Off Acupuncture and Massage


$85 $35

Licensed practitioners massage muscles and pinpoint maladies during consultations, before helping relieve issues with thin, sterile needles

84% Off Chiropractic Packages

North East 87123

$300 $49

Chiropractor with nearly three decades of experience tracks down symptoms and health problems and corrects them with drug-free adjustments.

Up to 68% Off Massage and Acupuncture

Comanche Business Park

$100 $35

Ultra-fine needles redirect energy to bolster overall wellness; tui-na massage addresses areas between joints to improve flexibility

93% Off a Health and Wellness Package

Lagrima De Oro

$545 $39

Chiropractor assesses clients health before educating them on neuropathy during electrical-stimulation treatments and self-mastery classes

Up to 52% Off at Revolution Reflexology

Altura Addition

$65 $32

Reflexology targets stress and imbalances in the body through working reflex areas of the feet

Select Local Merchants

The staff at Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts guides clients down the road to wellness and relies heavily on holistic medical approaches to do so. At the Santa Fe facility, the Blue Lotus team uses oriental medicine, including acupuncture, to address a multitude of common ailments. That team consists of four doctors of oriental medicine and eight massage therapists, enough aggregate kneading power to soften the body of a Chevy. They also provide massage therapy as well as nutritional direction and energy-related services, such as BioEnergetic Assessment.

1532 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe,

Straight Chiropractic's team of doctors and assistants team up against Albuquerque’s pains in the neck, back, and spine, drawing on years of experience and chiropractic certification to rid variously tired bones of uncomfortable aches and potentially damaging misalignment. During a new-patient exam (a $250 value), one of Straight Chiropractic's staffers will give your skeleton its long-overdue report card, identifying problems in need of spinal solving. After the initial exam, take advantage of your three adjustments (up to a $180 value) by sticking around that day or scheduling them within the next week. If the doctor thinks an x-ray is necessary to determine what’s ailing you, up to four x-rays are included with today’s deal. Print out your Groupon and call at least 48 hours in advance to schedule your appointment at Straight Chiropractic.

3301 Southern Blvd SE
Rio Rancho,

Creative Therapy Services' dedicated technicians focus on the health and well being of the whole body, treating the specific needs of each patient with pain-free, noninvasive therapies. Much like a Japanese Terminator 2, facial rejuvenation combines Eastern and Western technology in an energy-light treatment designed to fight off the pernicious ravages of time past, present, and future. Using microcurrent technology to reeducate facial muscles, this electro-medicine can increase cellular regeneration, yielding thicker collagen and better blood circulation. Faces can see and feel a significant difference after three sessions, though a full program of 10–12 microcurrent treatments is recommended for optimum results.

2003 Southern Blvd SE
Rio Rancho,

Doctor of Chiropractic Lindsey Blessing gently mends bungled backs and other out-of-alignment parts with modern chiropractic techniques and custom treatments suitable for all ages. A comprehensive consultation and physical exam apprises Dr. Blessing of the chronic ailments afflicting a bag of bones and gives uninitiated patients the opportunity to ask questions, express expectations, and attempt to ascertain the secret handshake of the Skull and Bones society. Dysfunctional physiques then undergo a trilogy of adjustments, during which the doctor manipulates vexed vertebrae in key spinal locales, causing audible joint cavitation and relief from pain in many cases. As well as musculoskeletal maladies, chiropractic care may help treat a bevy of bothersome blights, such as migraines, asthma, ear infections, digestive disorders, and more.

408 Broadway Blvd SE

10401 Montgomery Pkwy NE

For Christopher Hall, traditional medicine has its uses. But it also has its limitations. After Christopher watched his mother battle breast and ovarian cancer and overcome it through alternative forms of healing, he became determined to learn more, especially after he himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Along with his studies, his mother's tutelage helped him fight it without chemo or radiation treatments.

Natalie Hall also understands the limitations of Western medicine. When she was 18, she suffered from various health problems that no traditional treatment helped. She decided to turn to a kinesiologist, who recommended various supplements, and after two months, she saw her problems disappear.

The Halls have had so much success with natural healing that they opened Alternative Health Concepts in order to share their knowledge of herbology, kinesiology, and oxygen therapy with others. The kinesiologists and nutrition experts help heal bodies with a wide variety of therapies.

To discover if heavy metal toxins, parasites, bacteria, or viruses are interfering with well-being, they perform urine, hair, and saliva analyses. They can also build meal and exercise plans through metabolic testing that analyzes the number of calories burned each day. Their ozone therapy treatments flood insides with oxygen.

4120 Ellison Street Northeast