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The tech-savvy engineers behind DaVinci Teeth Whitening brighten smiles by activating a special lamp that works in tandem with a whitening solution made fresh every week in an American lab. All of DaVinci's treatments work to rid teeth of lackluster hues, clingy stains, and embarrassing love letters to dentists without weakening tooth enamel.

7390 18th St. N
St. Petersburg,

Dr. Wayne H. Kehm believes that dental care should take place primarily at home. Although skilled in reconstructive treatments, he emphasizes preventive dentistry, a philosophy that forestalls future problems. This approach has not only won Kehm the hearts of happy patients, but also garnered him Top Dentist recognition from his fellow Florida dentists in 2008 and 2010.

Dr. Kehm's handiwork is as mindful as his approach. Cleanings thoroughly rid teeth of grime and food material, and cavities are filled with nearly invisible tooth-colored composite rather than highly visible metal amalgam or material from orange hunting jackets.

4850 1st Ave
Saint Petersburg,