Bars in Shadows

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Inspired by Prohibition-era vigilante Richard Williams Jr.'s illicit liquor deliveries, Whiskey Dick’s boasts a menu of savory burgers, sandwiches, and more, as well as 16 draft beers. Goad chompers into taking on the Big Dick’s burger challenge, a beef binge that bombards mouth caverns with nine 1/3-pound patties slathered in cheese ($26.11). Those who complete consumption in 15 minutes are rewarded with a T-shirt, not having to pay for the burger, and a set of false teeth once worn by champion eater George Washington. Vacant belly hovels can also be furnished with the fried mac 'n' cheese ($8.79) and a slab of Don’t Let Your meatloaf ($10.14, available 5–11 p.m.)

2750 E Craig Rd
North Las Vegas,