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Chiropractic Consultation, Exam, and X-Rays with One or Three Adjustments at Exodus Chiropractic (Up to 91% Off)

Exodus Chiropractic


Chiropractors relieve discomfort using the Torque Release Technique after an exam pinpoints the source of aches and chronic pain

$335 $29

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Exam, Consultation, and X-rays with a Massage or Two or Four Adjustments at Karns Chiropractic Center (Up to 88% Off)

Karns Chiropractic Center


A chiropractor consults with clients and examines spines before taking x-rays; adjustments take place during separate 30-minute appointments

$288 $49

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Chiropractic Exam and Report with One or Two Adjustments at Genesis Chiropractic (Up to 82% Off)

Genesis Chiropractic


Chiropractic doctor examines your spine and makes adjustments to relieve chronic pain

$200 $39

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$29 for Chiropractic Consultation, Exam, X-rays, and One Treatment at East Tennessee Clinic of Chiropractic ($295 Value)

East Tennessee Clinic of Chiropractic


A chiropractor uses an in-depth consultation, exam, and x-rays to treat pain and promote alignment of the spine and neuromuscular system

$295 $29

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Chiropractic Consultation, Exam, X-rays, and Optional Adjustments at Mountain View Chiropractic (Up to 82% Off)

Mountain View Chiropractic


Chiropractors peek inside the body with x-rays and Insight Millennium scan to determine an individual course of treatment

$325 $65

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$55 for Chiropractic Exam, X-Rays, and Massage at Cleveland Chiropractic & Rehabilitation ($500 Value)

Cleveland Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


Chiropractor tracks down sources of pain during an exam and eases aches during a massage

$500 $55

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Two or Four Adjustments with Consultations, Exams, and X-rays at Gamache Chiropractic (Up to 91% Off)

Gamache Chiropractic


Chiropractor who relies on 5 Essentials of wellness consults with clients before exams and x-rays, then performs necessary adjustments

$340 $31

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Chiropractic Exam and Consultation Plus 1, 3, or up to 12 Spinal Adjustments at Clear Health Solutions (Up to 79% Off)

Clear Health Solutions


Chiropractor with 15+ years of experience realigns spines after determining the root cause of symptoms with a thorough examination

$90 $29

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$29 for a Chiropractic Exam, Consultation, Two Adjustments, and One 60-Minute Massage ($197 Value)

Vida Chiropractic


A chiropractic adjustment helps straighten spines, and massage alleviates tension and pain

$197 $26

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One or Three Chiropractic-Adjustment Sessions with Consult and Exam at True Life Chiropractic (Up to 78% Off)

True Life Chiropractic

Fort Oglethorpe

Chiropractic doctors use x-rays and comprehensive pain analyses to locate tension’s sources and relieve pain with neck and back treatments

$255 $55

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Chiropractic Consultation, Exam, X-rays, Report, and One or Two Adjustments (Up to 90% Off)

Peak Family Health

Hickory Valley - Hamilton Place

Licensed chiropractors complete thorough consultations and exams with x-rays before performing spinal adjustments

$302 $29

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Chiropractic Exam Package or Spinal Decompression at A Better Choice Chiropractic (Up to 80% Off)

A Better Choice Chiropractic


Chiropractor identifies sources of pain and ameliorates them with adjustments or gentle extensions of the spine

$400 $82

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Chiropractic Exam with Three, Six, and 10 Cold-Laser Treatments at Riverpark Chiropractic (86% Off)

Riverpark Chiropractic


Exams test reflexes and flexibility and suss out any spinal conditions; cold lasers send wavelengths of life heal soft tissue

$210 $29

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Chiropractic Package with Three or Five Spinal Decompressions at North Shore Chiropractic & Rehab (Up to 82% Off)

North Shore Chiropractic & Rehab


Husband-and-wife duo of chiropractors consults with patients, examines them, and performs x-rays and spinal-decompression treatments

$380 $69

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One-Hour Massage With or Without a Chiropractic Package at Pinnacle Physical Medicine and Rehab (Up to 85% Off)

Pinnacle Physical Medicine and Rehab


Chiropractor with nearly 15 years of experience ameliorates sore muscles and investigates sources of pain

$130 $27

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$69 for a Chiropractic Package with Adjustment and Full-Spine X-ray at Scenic City Clinic of Chiropractic ($325 Value)

Scenic City Clinic of Chiropractic


After an initial consultation, the chiropractor conducts an exam and an adjustment informed by a full-spine x-ray, if needed

$325 $69

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One or Two Chiropractic Exam Packages at Mason Chiropractic Center (Up to 95% Off)

Mason Chiropractic Center


Chiropractor exams aches and pains with a physical evaluation and diagnostic x-rays, followed up by a report and a relaxing massage

$519 $26

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Consultation, Exam, and X-ray with Optional Adjustment at B Well Chiropractic (Up to 61% Off)

B Well Chiropractic


At a family-oriented practice, chiropractors use adjustments to help with headaches, allergies, children’s earaches, prenatal pain, and more

$140 $59

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Chiropractic Consultation with Two or Four Adjustments at Back to Wellness (Up to 54% Off)

Back to Wellness


After a consultation, experienced chiropractor makes spinal adjustments to ease pain and discomfort

$100 $49

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Chiropractic Exam, Adjustment, and Massage, or Two 60-Minute Massages at Natural Life Clinic (Up to 82% Off)

Natural Life Clinic


A holistically inclined chiropractor and a massage therapist combine forces to soothe muscle aches and back pain with precision pressures

$165 $29

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Select Local Merchants

A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic Clark Eckert realigns spines and treats tense muscles with prescription-free pain relief. During the first-day exam, patients undergo a two-hour vertebrae vetting with orthopedic and neurological tests, which include a series of simple muscle maneuvers to uncover backbone trouble areas and dormant X-men. All exams come complete with a consultation, as well as x-rays for patients with suspicious skeletal structures. Post-assessment, patients can soothe exam anxiety with the one-hour massage, or save the pampering for a later date. Eckert Chiropractic Center offers weekday office hours until 6 p.m. with same-day appointments for sudden-onset stiffness.

1062 Oak Ridge Tpke
Oak Ridge,

Growing up, Doctor of Chiropractic Caleb Runne’s parents emphasized good health. In fact, his father was a chiropractor. So as an adult, Dr. Runne wanted his own family to reap the benefits of a similar lifestyle. He followed in his father’s footsteps, and the two even practiced together for several years after Caleb graduated from chiropractic college.

Despite a lifetime of experience, Dr. Runne remains open to learning new techniques. When he received an upper cervical correction years ago, he realized: this method is effective but underutilized. Dr. Runne quickly adopted the skill and soon saw patients improve in ways he’d never expected—their blood pressure normalized, digestive problems disappeared, and lost nervous function returned. Today, Dr. Runne continues to use upper cervical correction to eradicate aches and pains, coupling it with trigger-point therapy to further identify and treat troublesome spots.

681 Emory Valley Road
Oak Ridge,

To Doctors of Chiropractic Dyhr and Ellis at Lenoir City Chiropractic, the spine is more than just a curvy queue of vertebrae. Take the second cervical vertebrae, for example: if off-kilter, it can have effects on the brain, eyes, and sinuses. Drs. Dyhr and Ellis use any combination of eight techniques to realign spines at Lenoir City Chiropractic. They may devise a personalized workout regimen for clients with misaligned muscles and connective tissues or stifle neck pain or deflate disk bulges by positioning patients on the decompression-therapy bed. They also rely on spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, simple lifestyle advice, and massage therapy from on-staff licensed massage therapists to mute chronic pain.

1475 Simpson Rd. W
Lenoir City,

After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1996, Doctor of Chiropractic Christopher Kelley set to work straightening spines with services for chronic lower-back- and neck-pain rehabilitation and migraines, as well as tips for healthier living. To recalcitrant vertebrae back into single-file formation, the chiropractor uses advanced equipment, such as a decompression table, and electronic stem therapy. And in addition to mollycoddling backbones, he also extends his services to various athletic organizations, including the lacrosse team at the University of Tennessee.

7221 Oak Ridge Hwy

Tell us about your business.

The Sport and Wellness Chiropractic Center treats patients of all ages and activity levels, but specializes in the treatment, conditioning, and rehabilitation of athletes. Many of our patients have been elite runners, rugby players, triathletes, and swimmers. We make use of a variety of diagnostic procedures from a multitude of chiropractic and neurologic disciplines, which reveal faulty neurological conditioning, aberrant movement patterns, joint fixations, muscle weaknesses, and incorrect muscle recruitment.

When and how did you first develop a passion for your work?

As an active kid (snow and water skiing, running, swimming) and high-school pole vaulter, I began to experience debilitating neck and back pain. I saw our family physician and eventually a neurologist who could do no more than offer to inject me with steroids. They couldn't tell me what the cause of my problem was. I ended up at my mother's chiropractor and in one visit I experienced immediate pain relief and I could move normally.

I was sold.

I became a chiropractor after working as an oceanographer for 10 years. I love patients coming into my office in some level of pain and leaving with little or no pain. It is the best feeling ever. I also work with performance enhancement strategies to make athletes stronger and faster. The US Olympic Team sent over 100 chiropractors to London; they know the benefits of chiropractic care.

What kind of products or brands do you use, and why?

I employ various chiropractic techniques including diversified, Thompson, Activator, Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT), and Toggle. Additionally, I am a certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider and also do muscle energy technique, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, active assisted stretching, and instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization. Because I have my extremity specialization I make custom-made, medical-grade orthotics for people experiencing foot, knee, and back pain due to a foot issue that can be corrected with an orthotic insole.

Do you have any special certifications or degrees?

I have my doctor of chiropractic degree (magna cum laude); I am a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP), and am a certified Active Release Techniques provider. Additionally, I have an MA in oceanography, and another master's degree in psychology.

Anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

Earlier this year I was on location in the backcountry of Colorado treating the cast and crew of Outside Television / Magazine's new reality series, The Final Cut, which is currently airing on the Outside Television Network. I may make an appearance (the final edits aren't done so I've no idea). I am also licensed to practice chiropractic in Colorado, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

10426 Jackson Oaks Way, Suite 102

Tell us about your business.

I provide upper-cervical healthcare to restore the body's natural self-healing ability, to resolve acute and chronic health problems without the use of harmful drugs and painkillers. An upper-cervical misalignment can distort, disrupt, and restrict the flow of healing messages to the body. This leads to the development of acute and chronic health problems. I take x-rays to identify the misalignment and use them to develop a correction formula to restore the normal flow of healing messages to the body, so its natural self-healing process can begin. On followup visits, I help my patients maintain their alignment correction so there is no interruption in the body's healing process. No additional corrections will be made until tests indicate they are needed. Health problems begin to improve once the flow of brain health and healing messages have been restored.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Removing neurological interference to restore the body's inherent ability to heal, and watching the miracles happen.

The interior of a business can affect how its customers feel. What kind of decor do you use to help make your clients feel pampered and at ease?

In my practice, once a patient receives a correction, it is mandatory that they rest. So to aid in that, I have a separate resting room with zero-gravity chairs equipped with individual MP3 players and headphones that play relaxing music. The room is available before and after a correction, even on days when a correction is not given.

Anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

When evaluating health the focus should be on the value of restored condition and not on symptom eradication. So individuals should assess the route they have been pursuing in other to get well.

Out of your entire repertoire, which is your favorite service to perform and why?

Educating the patients about how health is achieved through the nervous system.

Business Basics

Established: 2012

Reservations/Appointments: Recommended

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Staff Size: 2–10 people

Parking: Parking lot

10641 Braden Dickey Ln