Natural Medicine in Penticton

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  • The Borden Method
    Established: 1983 Handicap Accessible: Yes Staff Size: 2?10 people Parking: Parking lot Most popular service: Group hypnotherapy for weight loss Brands Used: Borden Method weight-loss hypnosis Pro Tip: You will never be singled out or embarrassed?come with a receptive and open mind.
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    1050 Eckhardt Avenue West
    Penticton, BC CA
  • Okanagan Ayurveda
    Dubbed a sister science of yoga, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing practice. It seeks to maintain balance in the body and mind by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition best suited to the practicer's specific constitution, or dosha, as well as bodywork that recalibrates off-kilter energy levels. Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, it views each person as a whole, and its treatments are customized as such. Okanagan Ayurveda focuses on providing these balancing Ayurvedic treatments, but the center also offers private and semi-private Ayurvedic yoga classes following their Dosha assessment, life coaching, and wellness workshops.
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    4206 Gellatly Road
    West Kelowna, BC CA
  • Ann Carter - Reiki Master
    Though most people would peg her as just another friendly-looking lady with silver hair and glasses, Ann Carter is far more than meets the eye—she heralds herself as a conduit for guidance, answers, and energies sent from a higher power. She’s been tuned in to the metaphysical world for more than three decades, with stints as both a medium and clairvoyant under her enchanted belt. Through arts including reiki, past-life regression, and her own intuitive gifts, she helps her clients find peace, relaxation, and the missing pieces to their spiritual jigsaw puzzles.
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    3480 Carrington Rd
    Westbank, BC CA
  • Laser Health Centre
    Laser Health Centre's certified beam-wielders lasers in rejuvenating cosmetic procedures, drug-free pain relief, and behavioural-modification regimens for substance abuse and smoking cessation. Staff members customize treatments to suit each patient, and in-office laser therapy may be reinforced by take-home nutritional supplements. An exclusive diet plan paired with laser therapy tackles weight-loss goals, and light-based medicine enhances the mind-soothing stress-relief program.
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    454 Bernard Avenue
    Kelowna, BC CA
  • Orchard Chiropractic & Wellness
    At Shen Ti Therapy, acupressurist and reflexologist Chad Genereux soothes weary muscles using trigger-point release therapy. In two 30-minute sessions, Genereux applies precise levels of pressure to strategic trigger points in the neck and shoulders, encouraging a release of pent-up muscle tension. Commonly caused by everyday activities such as typing, driving, and armoire juggling, trigger points are taut spots in the myofascial layer surrounding muscles, tendons, and joint capsules that develop as muscles repeatedly tighten as an unconscious defense against stress. Trigger-point therapy can improve a multitude of ailments, including body aches and postural problems, and may even help conditions such as arthritis, ulcers, and Dutch elm disease. Patients also receive home-care instructions to enhance the therapy at an accelerated rate.
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    1980 Cooper Rd
    Kelowna, BC CA
  • Evolve Yourself Into Health Ltd
    E.volve Health and Wellness's multidisciplinary health centre treats clients' health issues and doles out wellness education in a tranquil, plant-filled space. Pilates classes embolden bodies in one-hour sessions through resistance building that emphasizes endurance and repetition without the need to heft iron weights or wrought-iron fences from their roots. Garner personally tailored instruction in individual sessions, or accumulate communal sweat over a five-class series schooling a full spectrum of experience levels. Exercisers improve body-mind relations, raise heart rates, and unwind pretzel limbs on floor mats—focusing on breath, core muscle tension, contractions, and rock-solid movements. Each session employs the spring-controlled carriages of Reformer machines, which summon muscles to match witty retorts against coiled steel opponents with the aid of a foot bar and hand straps. Flow through movements and changeable spring-resistance settings while lying down, sitting, kneeling, standing, and slow-motion shimmying. Instructors inform students which colour-coded spring settings are needed for each movement sequence.
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    1890 Ambrosi Road
    Kelowna, BC CA

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