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Tom Friday's Market's small team of grocers hand-trim hanging sides of corn-fed beef and other meats within a cozy storefront that's been grinding out protein since 1955. A rotating menu of weekly specials showcases signature items such as peppered bacon ($3.99+/lb.) and house-made smoked kielbossy and hot italian sausage loaves ($3.99+/lb.), which bask in the chill of glass display cases festooned with neon placards announcing each meat's price, objectives, qualifications, and references. Snapper filets ($8.99+/lb.) join all-natural whole chickens ($1.49+/lb.), which the staff masterfully carves into a variety of specialty cuts such as drumsticks and split breasts. Stuffed hot banana peppers ($3.99+) await cocktail hour after a trip to the oven, and Lorraine swiss cheese and all-natural provolone ($3.99+/lb.) break the windows of nearby food pyramids. Tom Friday's Market also stocks produce, bread, milk, and other sundries.

3639 California Ave