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  • Team Pilates
    Angelie Renay Melzer suffered from severe scoliosis?an unnatural curvature of the spine?when she was younger. Fortunately, she discovered Pilates and, through rigorous exercise, was able to overcome her spinal challenges and launch a professional ballet career. She eventually achieved the highest certification in the Pilates industry, through PMA, and began pouring her knowledge and began pouring her knowledge, experience, and passion into Team Pilates, where she and other talented teachers helm classes for students and aspiring instructors. She has also co-created and written courses, manuals, and DVDs, including a pre- and postnatal Pilates video designed to help mothers stay fit and flexible. At Team Pilates, Angelie offers nearly a dozen different varieties of the exercise, including yoga, barre, three mat-based classes, and eight equipment-based classes. On the floor, instructors lead students through the classic 34-posture sequence practiced by Joseph Pilates himself or add to the routine by incorporating weight-training techniques. Stretches are enhanced with equipment such as Reformers, BOSU balls, and spine correctors.
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    521 E Holland Ave Ste 60
    Spokane, WA US
  • Abundant Wellness Center
    As if picking a deadbolt, Abundant Wellness Center's hypnotherapists and counselors unlock the subconscious mind. In hypnotherapy sessions, groups and individuals relax to the point where their minds are open to suggestion in order to stop smoking, break a habit, or get out of a strained relationship with a cheeseburger. In counseling sessions, individuals can discuss their issues with a trained professional, gathering the personal tools they need to handle problems that range from grief to personal issues. For complex problems such as substance addictions, Abundant Wellness Center offers a range of court-approved DUI and alcohol and drug classes, along with regular outpatient group counseling sessions and case management.
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    1125 E Polston Ave
    Post Falls, ID US
  • Renew Mind and Body Spa
    Renew Mind & Body Spa, a cozy spa that is ensconced by greenery, small waterfalls, and ponds and filled with soothing, warmly lit rooms, hosts a team of licensed massage therapists who train healing hands on strained spines and taxed tendons. During the one-hour Swedish massage, Renew's muscle menders relax sinews, attenuate tension, and put stress to sleep with a combination of relaxing massage techniques and droning lectures on the inception of moist towelettes. Fluid strokes and varying pressures encourage muscle malleability, boosting circulation and bodies’ natural healing processes.
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    1802 N 15th St
    Coeur D Alene, ID US
  • NoEpi Wellness Center
    NoEpi Wellness Center works to eradicate restless nights and rejuvenate bodies with NuCalm treatments. First, patrons down a cocktail of natural amino acids to prep the body for snoozing. Then, they don a pair of glasses that obscures visual distractions and headphones that utilize neuro-acoustic software and binaural beats, softly pumping classical music to trigger deep relaxation. The stress-reducing therapeutic experience mimics the effects of meditation, helping lead to a better night's sleep and overall sense of refreshment.
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    4750 North Division St, #116
    Spokane, WA US
  • Training Ground Spokane
    Training Ground Spokane is no fancy gym with shiny, complicated machines. But that's because they don't want to be. Instead, they're committed to a total-wellness approach to getting fit, which includes functional workouts, resistance training, and getting on the right track by eating right. Aiming to help their clients reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they lead small groups through workouts using dumbbells, medicine balls, and military-style drills to get the heart pumping and intimidate fat cells into submission.
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    3621 South Fancher Road
    Spokane, WA US