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Female-owned-and-operated since 1999, Fondue Body Piercing & Tattoo adorns epidermises with ink and jewelry in its clean, safe, and welcoming storefront. A member of Fondue's team of experienced tattoo artists leads clients past vivid pink- and orange-painted brick walls into private rooms, where an arsenal of professional tools await their next body art project. Fondue's extensive portfolio of past skin-borne masterpieces ($40+) includes scripted phrases, personal photograph renderings, and original designs of mythical creatures, such as unicorns and Norman Mailer. Body piercings ($20+, includes jewelry) add sparkle and additional aeration to dull body surfaces, from simple ear and nose studs, to clavicle piercings and ear gauging. The boutique also stocks an array of jewelry, men's and women's clothing, hookahs, purses, and other accessories, which are only redeemable with this Groupon when a tattoo or piercing is purchased.

416 Greenbrae Dr

The tattoo artists at Ink Fiend Tattoo have tuned their craft, specializing in a variety of styles, from fantasy to realism. Whatever clients are interested in, the ink artisans understand the importance of producing the perfect piece of permanent art and collaborate with them throughout the process. To ensure clients are completely satisfied, Ink Fiend's crew keeps the studio immaculately clean, using only sanitized instruments and safe procedures.

2645 Cameron Park Dr
Cameron Park,

Black Hole is a female-owned full service-piercing studio that has been putting holes in Reno since 1995 and has been voted the 'Best Place to Get Pierced' by Reno News and Review readers ever since.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss any piercing questions.

912 S Virginia St