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Al Waha is best known for their Bedouin cuisine, but also serves Afghan food and offers a hookah and full bar. The meal begins with a traditional cup of Bedouin coffee infused with cardamom; this is an important ritual in Bedouin hospitality that involves the host preparing the beans in the presence of guests. As such, the highest compliment of generosity in Bedouin culture is "he makes coffee from morn till night," whereas the most grievous insult is "the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup." Following this stimulating aperitif, diners can pass around plates of velvety musakaah ($5.50) and hummus ($4.99), both served with bread. From there, let your stomach wander to classic nomadic entrees such as tender butter chicken seasoned with chili pepper and served with creamy tomato sauce over a bed of basmati rice ($10.95). The Al Waha plate provides a sultan's feast of ground beef and pomegranate-tomato sauce piled high on top of raisins, crushed almonds, and dried-apricot-flecked rice ($9.95). In addition to vegetarian options such as kodar bleban (cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, and green beans simmered in yogurt sauce with rice), many dishes can be prepared sans meat upon request. Cool concoctions such as mango lussy (sweet mango puree blended with cream) and irfa beljoze (cinnamon boiled in water and topped with coconuts and walnuts) wash down the salt and spice at $3.49 each and provide a delightful segue into a dessert of fruit-flavored hookah smoke.

3191 S Grand Blvd
Saint Louis,