Brazilian Restaurants in Salem

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Though Green Forest Churrascaria serves a wide variety of meats, every cut has to go through the same trial by fire. Cooked in the traditional churrasco style, the meats sit above an open fire pit fueled by natural wooden charcoal. They roast on impressively sized skewers, which servers then carry into the dining room. There, they slice tender pieces directly onto dinner plates, a showmanship-heavy serving method known as "rodízio."

The resulting dinners star meats such as lamb chops, pork ribs, and filet mignon that, much like the best Christmas presents, comes wrapped in bacon. Some arrive seasoned with parmesan cheese or garlic, while others rely solely on the smoky flavor imparted by their time in the flames. A hot buffet and salad bar balance out meals with a sprawling number of side dishes, including sushi and seafood. There's also a list of wines and beers that emphasizes worldly reds.

655 Rodi Rd, Ste 1

Restaurant entrepreneur Ken Stewart traveled to Italy to gather the ingredients and recipes that he would use to build Tre Belle's illustrious menu of authentic Italian dishes. For appetizers, taste buds do tarantellas in anticipation of spicy stuffed peppers ($9.95), or the equally enticing artichoke with lemon aioli ($9.95). As aromatic as it is flavorful, the signature Tre Belle deluxe pizza ($14.99) is a circular tabletop of dough fixed with sausage, banana peppers, mushrooms, olives, mozzarella, and fresh basil––cooked over a wood fire for a distinctly delectable taste and instant pizza-based nostalgia. The Chicken Milanese ($15.95) is a sautéed and breaded bird adorned in a George Clinton style headdress of arugula, tomatoes, lemon, and a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. A glass of Pinot Grigio ($7.95) makes a loving companion to an order of lamb ragu ($15.95), pappardelle pasta mingled with savory sauce and cooked in lamb stock.

1970 W Market St

At Austin's Wood Fire Grill, hand-carved hunks of filet mignon and swordfish sizzle over wood-fueled flames, soaking up a smoky aroma. The restaurant’s refusal to use gas or the pages of paperback romance novels reflects a commitment to traditional, down-home cooking. This commitment also surfaces in their made-from-scratch breads, pan gravy sauce, and cognac cream sauce.

6535 Wilson Mills Rd