Wine Tasting in King William

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NOLA Tropical Winery's stock brims with unique cork complements that range from utilitarian koozies to artsy cork cages. The shop's arsenal of accessories lets fermentation fans pour their choice of nectar into a Rednek wine glass ($19.99), a classic mason jar affixed with a chalice stem and screw-on lid for mess-free inebriation and appropriate accompaniment to black-tie hog-wrasslin' parties. Bottles become objets de beauté on a stainless steel double-arc wine balance ($13.99). For wine-inspired olfactory enjoyment or a wine-inspired way to burn junk mail, Tropical Wine soy-blend candles ($17.99), including bosky Florida Fever and sweet and grassy King Kiwi, abound in scents to match NOLA's fruit-based libations.

849 East Commerce Street
San Antonio,