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Even before it burned down, the neighborhood kids referred to the Ghastley family's home as Monster Manor. The whispers around town said the Ghastley family suffered under a 300-year-old curse; the creepy demeanor of the family themselves did them no favors.

When the manor burned down, neighbors thought they could breathe easy, but every fall, the house seems to emerge from the ashes as dark and ominous as it ever was. Some who approach the house run away, frightened by the stench of gasoline in the air and the screaming and moaning emanating from within. Yet every fall, a few folks who are brave or simply full of Popeye's spinach actually enter in order to find out what really happened to the Ghastleys.

What began in 2001 as a simple haunt at someone's home now requires a 4,000-square-foot tent to contain all the terror. Monster Manor, whose proceeds benefit multiple local charities, is completely run by more than 200 volunteers. Among these volunteers are TV and theater professionals, who create a high-quality haunt, as well as area high school students, who earn community service hours in return for their work.

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