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114 Lyon St
San Francisco,

Planted between mighty palms in Golden Gate Park is the oldest wood-and-glass conservatory in North America. The gleaming white Victorian structure has survived several boiler explosions, closure during World War II, and more than two decades of renovations. In 1998, it was deemed an endangered building—but it was quickly adopted by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and completely rehabilitated by 2003. This century-old structure is home to the Conservatory of Flowers, a National Historic Landmark that connects visitors year-round with the exotic flora of the world's tropical regions.

The Conservatory houses four main galleries. In the aquatic plants gallery, cascading water gurgles into pools beneath a glass-and-metal sculpture of a six-foot Victoria amazonica water lily. The mist-filled highland gallery mimics the high-altitude forests of tropical mountaintops with clusters of orchids and ferns. Showcasing another side of the tropics, the rainy lowland gallery replicates lush jungles, housing a 100-year-old imperial philodendron and several cycads, which date to the days when most dinosaurs were just tiny salamanders. The potted plants gallery incorporates man-made works such as copper planters from India, ceramic pots from Burkina Faso, and an urn from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Around the fragrant stillness of these halls, the Conservatory hosts special events such as gardening workshops.

Groupon Celebrates Pride Month

Over the last 50 years, the gay-rights movement in America has overcome tremendous obstacles to become a powerful voice for inclusion and diversity. Even as it has grown, the movement—like Groupon—is local at heart, and we applaud the commitment to real change that improves everyday lives.

At Groupon, we are happy to add our voices to those celebrating PRIDE, their achievements as a social movement and a continued march to equality for the LGBT community. Plus, we love a chance to dig that rainbow wig out of storage.

This month—and throughout the year—we salute our merchants and customers who support PRIDE and all efforts that promote dignity, respect, and equal opportunity. We're highlighting these merchants' deals with a special badge to show Groupon's pride in working with people who share our values.

100 John F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco,

In Focus: Thorough Bread and Pastry

  • Specialty: coffee and scratch-made baked goods
  • Owner: Michel Suas, a renowned baker and pastry instructor
  • Story behind the name: It’s a pun, but it’s also a reference to the care that goes into the bakers’ craft.
  • Most popular pastry: almond croissant
  • Bread recommended by Serious Eats: teff miche—a round French loaf that the blog calls “terrific”
  • Loaf that doubles as dessert: chocolate bread
  • Lunchtime options: made-to-order sandwiches on fresh bread

248 Church St
San Francisco,

1300 on Fillmore: A User’s Guide

Soulful New American Cuisine | Acclaimed Fried Chicken | Gospel Brunch | Live Jazz and Blues | Retro Supper Club

Sample Menu

  • Cocktail: 100 Reasons Rye with Templeton rye, vermouth, and Cointreau
  • Appetizer: oysters on the half shell with green chili mignonette
  • Brunch: barbecue shrimp n’ creamy grits
  • Dinner: fried chicken with whipped potatoes, gravy, and biscuits
  • Dessert: strawberry-rhubarb cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream

When to Go: Friday night, when a live jazz or blues band plays in the Heritage Lounge at 8:30 p.m.

While You’re Waiting

  • Learn more about San Francisco’s African-American culture by perusing all of the framed pictures of The Fillmore neighborhood, also known as “the Harlem in the West”.
  • Count all of the jazz legends in the photos—you might see Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, or John Coltrane.

Inside Tips

  • The much-lauded boneless fried chicken takes 20–25 minutes to prepare, but it’s worth the wait. The flaky and moist gourmet chicken—referred to as “knife and fork fried chicken” by the hosts of Check Please! Bay Area—sparked SF Gate to call it “an interesting twist on a favorite.”
  • You may be able to chat with the man behind the meal—Executive Chef Lawrence frequently greets diners during dinner.

While You’re in the Neighborhood
Before: Browse more than 10,000 titles by and about African Americans at Marcus Bookstores.

After: Catch a production at African-American Shakespeare Company.

1300 Fillmore St
San Francisco,

Popular globetrotting pop collective Architecture in Helsinki transforms The Fillmore into a throbbing, futuristic discotheque as its latest tour storms American shores. Formed in Melbourne, the ambidextrous dance band stirs fans with a tornado of flamboyant sounds, infectious anthems, and commitment-free instrument swapping. With hits such as “Do the Whirlwind” and latest single “Contact High,” lead crooner Cameron Bird and his cakewalking team of tunesmiths tickle ear bones and rehabilitate ankles in support of its latest album, Moment Bends. During the kaleidoscopic performance, the band seduces grateful dance floors with smile-baiting 10-foot hooks and sounds culled from hypnotic synths, romantic glockenspiels, and strummed chest hairs. Filling out the bill, girl-group garage rockers The Sandwitches enchant with sardonically lovelorn themes and harmonies, and pop enthusiasts Dom charm with stargazing Casios and hockey anthems about their cats. The Fillmore invites Groupon holders backstage after the show to meet the band, discuss musical influences, and take notes on hitting the elusive high Z note.

1805 Geary Blvd
San Francisco,

An entire universe lives and breathes within the California Academy of Sciences, where a single living roof covers an aquarium, a planetarium, a rainforest, a natural history museum, and more. Yet if you glanced at the building in Golden Gate Park, it would be easy to miss the Academy entirely. That's because hills and fields cover 87 percent of its living rooftop, which gives a home to local wildlife, keeps the academy green, and upholds its mission to explore, explain, and sustain life on Earth.

  • Size: 40,000 animals live in the aquarium, the Osher Rainforest climbs 90 feet up a glass dome, and the museum houses both an 87-foot long blue whale skeleton and a massive T. rex?and that's still just a small part of the story
  • Crown Jewel: Asteroid fields, supernovas, and galaxies travel from the deepest reaches of space and arrive on the planetarium's 75-foot dome displays
  • Eye Catcher: A giant window looks in on the Philippine Coral Reef's 212,000-gallon tank filled with live coral and over 2,000 colorful fish
  • Hands-On Exhibits: Touch sea urchins in a Discovery Tidepool and feel the Great San Francisco quake of 1906 inside the Shake House
  • Don't Miss: The Naturalist Center, a walk-in library/activity room with books, films, and specimens such as a foot-long mammoth tooth
  • Special Programs: Behind-the-scenes tours and NightLife, an event that lets adults grab cocktails and explore the aquarium in a darkened setting
55 Music Concourse Drive
San Francisco,