Coffee Shops in Broadview

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At locations dotted all over the Pacific Northwest, Black Rock Coffee Bar’s baristas dazzle patrons' taste buds with their simple and elaborate coffee creations. Served in ink-black cups emblazoned with their understated lowercase logo and red stars, their hot drinks range from brewed coffee to chai-tea lattes to flavored mochas. The baristas infuse the mochas with extras—including white chocolate and caramel to create the caramel blondie and hazelnut to concoct the blackout mocha, which, unfortunately, will not make you black out for the entire workday. On the chilly side of the menu, their blended drinks include shake-like delights made sweeter with Oreos, mint chips, and chai, as well as smoothies and icy coffee granitas.

14313 Aurora Ave. N

In Focus: Holy Grounds Coffee House

  • The coffee: Caffé Vita, a local fair-trade brand
  • The snacks: pastries, sweet breads, and breakfast sandwiches made daily
  • Where to sit: Bring a book and grab a wicker chair near the fireplace.
  • Where to work: Set your computer up at one of the tables and take advantage of the free WiFi.
  • Where to avoid any and all vampires: on the sunny sidewalk patio
  • Special events: occasional live music

9000 Holman Rd NW

In Focus: Four Spoons Cafe

  • Founded: 2009
  • Neighborhood: Whittier Heights
  • Specialty: American and Tex-Mex brunch
  • Popular plates: green-chili eggs, fresh scones, and custom scrambles
  • Coziest seats: Grab a spot by the working fireplace or inside the brick-lined alcove that used to be a fireplace.
  • Amenities: free WiFi

850 NW 85th St

The city of Seattle is speckled by pho joints, each one serving its own rendition of the beloved belly-warming noodle soup. However, Le's Phở Tái remains a cut above the competition with its commitment to using locally grown ingredients and creating flavorful broth. Chefs begin the process of preparing the beef stock more than 20 hours before the soup hits the table, setting beef bones and spices to boil in order to procure what reporters from Journal Magazine praised as "exceptional flavor". Once the broth is ready, the chefs add thin vermicelli noodles along with cuts of tender beef, fresh seafood, and crisp veggies. They serve the soup in massive bowls alongside plates of bean sprouts and jalapeno slices.

When chefs aren't cooking pho, their attention is absorbed in the preparation of other Vietnamese specialties—chewy spring rolls, tangy teriyaki dishes, and bahn mi sandwiches with barbecue meats and french bread. Servers carry these dishes out into the warm, casual dining room, along with glasses of sweet iced-milk coffee and refreshing coconut juice. The accommodating staffers encourage guests to call ahead to place food orders for faster service, particularly if they have to speed back home to make sure their cats don't start scratching the Bruce Willis statue they’ve been sculpting out of peanut butter.

15210 Aurora Avenue North