Classes in South Yarmouth

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Equipment: Yoga mats and accessories
Students Should Bring: Bottle of water
Average Class Length: 60–90 minutes
Number of Staff: 1–5 people
Class Location: Indoors only
Established: 2000
Good for Beginners: Yes
Guests Allowed: Yes
Parking: Parking lot

23 Route 134

Music is in Laura O’Neill’s blood. The scion of a musical family, she attended the University of Massachusetts for music education and has spent the intervening years in positions such as youth choir director and Nashville Symphony Chorus member. Now a private voice and piano teacher, O’Neill works with the Kindermusik program to bring melodic joy to young students. Her weekly classes let kids and their parents dance, sing, and play, and prime youngsters to grow up to be music lovers.

2160 Main Street