Plastic Surgery in Terrytown

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  • Dr. Pelias Cosmetic Surgery and Lifestyle Center
    Though she enjoys conversing with her patients, Dr. Marilyn Pelias's ultimate goal is to get them out her office quickly. The seasoned surgeon tries to minimize the downtime following her procedures, thus enabling clients to resume work and daily activities with little hassle. Even before her treatments begin, she puts guests at ease. During pretreatment consultations, she answers questions and describes her services thoroughly to educate her patients. Dr. Pelias's surgical treatments range from minor changes such as brow lifts and earlobe repair all the way to tummy tucks and liposuction. With the S-Lift, a faster, simpler alternative to a traditional face-lift, she reduces the appearance of sagging skin on the neck and lower face. Nonsurgical sessions often incorporate lasers, which the doctor uses for skin resurfacing, body contouring or the removal of body hair, spider veins, and tattoos that say I Love My Body Hair and Spider Veins. She also uses skincare products from Obagi to complement chemical peels and microdermabrasion sessions. Dr. Pelias doesn't do it all on her own, though. Aesthetician Shannon Eckler jumps in with the assist on all matters beauty-related, including corrective make-up, microdermabrasion, and hair-removal.
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    311 Octavia St.
    New Orleans, LA US
  • Bonus Image Aesthetics
    If youth-restoring medical treatments and a comfortable environment sound like a winning combination, you've come to the right place at Bonus Image Aesthetics. The experienced staff offers a variety of treatments to help free clients from fine lines and blemishes. Specific treatments vary, but they may include everything from Botox and dermal fillers to custom facials and peels, such as the popular Perfect Peel. This superior peel exfoliates while also delivering nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, and other brightening agents to the skin, leaving clients with smooth, refreshed complexion. Bonus Image Aesthetics also offers a variety of professional products to help maintain healthy, glowing skin.
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    2728 Magazine St
    New Orleans, LA US
  • Skin Savvy
    Skin Savvy's customized Couture facial immerses skin in natural elements to restore the health and vitality of facial surfaces. Advanced skincare products from Vivite penetrate the skin to promote the growth of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and tea-tree formulas provide natural antiseptics, astringents, and perfect pairings with scones. As aromatherapy infiltrates the senses, wound-up hands, feet, and shoulders relax with a calming massage, and a scalp soothing mollifies million-dollar ideas and keeps them from fleeing craniums. Newly revitalized faces can maintain their care with $50 worth of products from Skin Savvy, including the Obagi SunGuard SPF 30 ($49.05) or Vivite exfoliating facial cleanser ($39).
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    2633 Napoleon Ave
    New Orleans, LA US
  • Southern Aesthetics
    Fox News 5 featured Southern Pines Aesthetics & Laser Institute. It has also been mentioned multiple times on Start 102.5 FM.
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    3815 Hessmer Ave.
    Metarie, LA US
  • Phoenix Laser Services
    Phoenix Laser Services offers safe, non-invasive laser treatments to effectively treat facial veins and unsightly spider veins in men and women. Using Cutera CoolGlide, Phoenix Laser Services eradicates spider veins. The number of treatments necessary depends on the number, color, and size of the vessels being treated, usually taking one or two sessions to fully expel virulent vein villains. If veins aren't posing a problem, customers can apply this Groupon toward laser hair removal, laser genesis, or photo gensis.
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    3262 Severn Avenue
    Metairie, LA US
  • Hair Loss Control Clinic
    With 25 years of experience treating hair loss under their belts, the experienced doctors at The Hair Loss Control Clinic aim to combat hair loss in men and women with painless laser hair-therapy treatments, earning the clinic a mention from WWLTV. During the consultation, doctors scrutinize scalps, explain the treatment, and answer patient questions, such as “Why doesn’t male pattern baldness create more interesting designs?” Patients can sit and relax as a safe low-light-level laser, which boasts a 30-year track record and a successful FDA clinical trial, haloes heads in red-light energy in an effort to rout out male and female pattern baldness, thinning hair, alopecia areata, and traction alopecia. The light works to stimulate metabolism and dormant disco-dance moves in cells, helping follicles repair themselves.
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    9029 Jefferson Hwy. Suite E
    River Ridge, LA US