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Five Judy's Book reviewers give The Fun Station an average of four stars and three Insider Pagers give it a three-star average.

2801 Sharer Rd

With over 24 locations across the Southeast to serve your tanning needs, Club Sun Tanning is a positive and professional environment for those who wish to look their best and feel healthy while also acquiring much needed UV light.

You're going to love the cosmetic and health benefits that UV light provides!

3738 W Main St

At GamerZ Paradise, kids and families mingle and make friends over friendly matches in the latest PlayStation 3, XBox Live, and Wii games, with over 150 games to choose from. Guests can settle into sofas in front of consoles and flat screens, or play real-live games of ping-pong and foosball.

635 Wakulla Arran Rd

He cruises across the glassy liquid, his wakeboard shooting water into the air behind him. As he approaches the ride wall, he hoists his board into the air at the last minute, skimming its edge and then landing easily in the water. He's a penguin at Valdosta Wake Compound. Or rather, a wakeboarder dressed as a penguin?the business gave a discount to anyone brave enough to wakeboard in Halloween costume. Its Instagram is replete with other instances where the staff, which teaches wakeboarding, doesn't take itself too seriously. But that doesn't mean they don't take the sport seriously. They have placed plenty of rails, ramps, walls, and other challenging obstacles on the waters to prove it.

2316 Old Clyattville Road