Tutoring in Thomasville

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The School of Arts and Sciences offers plant enthusiasts two days' worth of ambling horticultural education in six different tourable garden locales. Family groups of up to six people can explore six flora-infested Tour of Gardens spaces, either in self-guided sessions or expertly guided tours. Roam the oak-infused lawns and historic rose gardens of the Goodwood Museum & Gardens, or gain the help of a guide to unearth botanical secrets in the secluded Hidden Garden. An educational session at the Organic Vegetable Garden provides aspiring subsistence farmers with tips on garden layouts and compost making, ensuring they'll never again be forced to bite into the sauna-grown potatoes sold in seedy grocery establishments. Junior family members can bounce across a rubber-cushioned, fun-filled green space in the Backyard Playscape.

3208 Thomasville Rd