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The Best Gifts for New Parents? Something Checked Off Their To-Do List

I'm not the best gift giver—I'm quite often stumped as to what to get anyone for any occasion. But recently I had inspiration for gifts for parents. Picture this: Your friends just had a kid, and you want to do something to ease them back into real life, and now you're wondering what would make good gifts for new parents. Or maybe their kids are older, they're in school, and the parents' days are spent at work, then shuttling their little ones around from activity to activity—what would be good gift ideas for parents that are so busy?

The gift of time.

And that's why the best gift ideas for parents—any parent—is to give them some time back, and the best way to do that: don't give them anything, instead take something away. Take something off of their to-do list.


House Cleaning

Kids get even the most remote corners of the house grimy, and it's just so hard to keep up. Of course, it'll probably need cleaning again about 30 minutes after the kids get home from school.



Meal Delivery

Relieve parents of the labor of meal planning—and of the expense of ordering out all the time.


Laundry Services

May these parents never leave a soaking wet load of laundry in the washer overnight ever again.


Dog Walking

Spot often becomes a second-class citizen when kids come into the picture. Make sure he gets a little love.



Before the grass grows tall enough that the kids get lost in it, make sure your friends' long-neglected lawn gets groomed.


Window Cleaning

Call in a crew to clean finger- and nose prints from windows and get them sparkling again.


Carpet Cleaning

You don't even want to know what's embedded in this family's rug, but it's likely only a professional can get it out.

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