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How Does Groupon Cash Back (aka Groupon+) Work?

BY: Shannon Grilli | Jan 11, 2019

Confession: Before I took on this writing assignment, I knew surprisingly little about Groupon cash back deals, (aka Groupon+ deals). This, despite the fact that I'm an avid user of traditional Groupons, as well as a self-described power bargain hunter. Nonetheless, I found myself asking, "uh, how does Groupon cash back work?"

But after talking to some of Groupon's top cash-back earners, I discovered these deals have some surprising benefits that make them stand out from the average cash-back rewards program. Let me run through how it works and why you would use it:

How Does Groupon+ Work?

1. Enroll in Groupon+

That's easy. Just go here, sign in to your Groupon account, and enter an eligible credit or debit card to enroll in the program.

2. Claim a "cash back" deal

Browse cash-back deals (click here to see cash-back deals near you), click on one you want to try, and then click the big "claim" button.

3. Go the restaurant and use your enrolled credit card

Use the credit or debit card you enrolled in when you go to that restaurant. While it will seem like you're paying full price at the restaurant, you'll get cash back on your card's statement.

Where Can I Use Groupon+?

To find cash-back deals near you, click on your city below:


New York City Los Angeles Chicago
Dallas Houston Washington, DC
Miami Philadelphia Atlanta
Boston Phoenix San Francisco
San Bernardino Seattle Detroit
Minneapolis San Diego Tampa
Denver Baltimore Las Vegas
Austin, TX San Jose Providence

So...Why Should I Use Groupon+?

1. Groupon+ deals are risk-free.

Unlike a traditional Groupon, which requires spending money upfront, the vast majority of Groupon+ deals are totally free to claim. If you spot a deal on the website or the app, you simply clip it to your account to use at your leisure.

Customer feedback: "With a regular Groupon, you buy it and you use it [within a certain time frame] or you lose the extra value. ... [But with Groupon+ deals], there's no disincentive to just click on all of them. It's free to claim it. So I just clip all of them. There's no reason not to." — Alok V., a top customer in Chicago.

2. You receive a significant amount of cash back.

Before my research, I assumed the money back on Groupon+ deals was comparable to credit cards' rewards programs, which typically provide 1% to 5% cash back. So I was shocked to discover that Groupon's cash-back rewards are much larger, typically somewhere between 15% and 30%.

Customer feedback: "I really like that the discount is applicable to your whole bill. You don't have to think about the money amount spent. You're getting the value no matter how much you spend." — Alok V.

3. The deals are discreet.

All of the customers agreed that it isn't awkward to use Groupon+ deals, something that isn't always true with a regular Groupon or a coupon.

Customer feedback: "If you're with a group of friends, you don't want to be the one who, like, pulls out a coupon for something. Half the time, if you show that to a worker, they have to get a manager and then it's a big production." — Dave Z., suburban Chicago.

4. You can use Groupon+ deals as often as you want.

Unlike a traditional Groupon or coupon, which can only be used once, most Groupon+ deals can be used an unlimited number of times during the period it's being offered (typically around 30 days).

Customer feedback: "I saw a restaurant we frequented, and I think within that month [that the deal was valid], we went to that restaurant even more times than normal. [The discount] was something like 30%, so it was a no-brainer. It's close to home and it's a place that we like." — Alok V.


5. Groupon+ deals can help you discover new places.

Most of the customers I spoke with used their first Groupon+ deals at a familiar restaurant. But once they fell in love with the cash-back program, they started to see it as an incentive to branch out and try new things.

Customer feedback: "I've also discovered some cool places. Even if they're not offering a Groupon+ deal. I might learn about other deals [at that restaurant] like a happy hour and now I'm aware of it." — Joy L., Austin, TX

6. Groupon+ deals are easy to use.

For some, the trickiest part of the process was scrolling through the Groupon app or the website to find Groupon+ deals (hint: just look here!). But each customer also had their own way of making the process easier. Both Joy and Alok, for example, said they simply claim every deal they find, so it's linked if they decide to use it.

Dave simply prefers to let his mood and location do the work for him. If he's hungry, he'll type in his zip code and the type of food he's in the mood for, then make his selection based on which restaurants are offering the best cash-back incentive.

Customer feedback: "I had questions like, is this legit or does this really work? Because it seems too easy or too good to be true. But it was seamless, it was easy." — Alok V.



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