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Missing the beach? Bangor's Attitudes Hair and Tanning offers customized tanning services so you won't have to leave that beach glow behind. Get tan faster when you use this salon's tanning facilities which feature such services as tanning beds, spray tan, and airbrush tan. From haircuts to color processes, this salon is readily available to tame your mane. There are many alternatives to common beauty treatments, all of which are available at this salon. Browse the large selection of hair removal remedies at Attitudes Hair and Tanning and find the perfect match for your personal needs. If the forecast isn't in your favor, head on over to Attitudes Hair and Tanning for a quick tanning solution.

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Amanda9 years ago

Very friendly and professional girls! I will definitely return in the future!

Noelle10 years ago

Employees should be more professional. Should get dryers for the nails and a better chair/setup for pedicures. Should also make sure to sanitize the tools in front of clients, did not get the impression that things were cleaned well which is dangerous when working with nails.

Wendie10 years ago

The space for the massage is in one big room upstairs, partitioned off w/sheets/curtains. I could hear the staff/customers downstairs and the staff were running up and down stairs to access the office/kitchen.

Peter10 years ago

Great job, I'll be back!

Marcia10 years ago

Definately will go again!

jillian10 years ago

It was a stressful experience. Groupon should cut all ties with Attitudes, they didn't even know how to use Groupon which made checking out frustrating.

Lynn10 years ago

It was such an unprofessional atmosphere, the place was a mess, their tools and supplies seemed like they were bought at walmart or brought in from home. My mani/pedi was extremely sloppy. I had to remove the polish later that night. The woman who appeared to be the owner was friendly, but the other workers certainly lacked people skills.

Chrissy10 years ago

No feedback for this groupon associated business because I will never go back to see if they do anything with it! Awful!

KBailey10 years ago

I've already written to you regarding this Groupon. Horrible experience. She was nice enough but the building and her "set up" was atrocious! Very unclean. Borderline a health issue. I would never go back there.

Lauree11 years ago

Need to be a little more professional when dealing with your customers.