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With Esteem Exotics, car-fanatics experience the thrill of driving their fantasy cars. Guests here get the chance to drive the choice of their favorite, luxury vehicles, like the Lamborghini Gallardo, McLaren MP4 12C, Ferrari 458, Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan. Sitting beside an experienced instructor, who preps them beforehand, they race around a well-designed coned autocross course that focuses on twists and turns rather than top end speed. Drivers will be put to the test for their control and accuracy.

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Juan2 months ago

Excellent cars and great customer service

Stacey6 months ago

It was cool to drive the car. Didn't know it would be set up in a parking lot with cones. Made it hard to drive the car with any speed. One lap did not take long at all. Did the formula one experience afterward where i got to drive along with a professional race car driver in an actual race car on the actual speedway!!! That was wayyyyyyy cool.

SHEKEKA6 months ago

This is a ripoff! We paid for 4laps my husband only for 3 because he was not satisfied. They have you thinking your gonna drive around the track. YOU'RE NOT! You will be driving in a circle in the parking lot. They have you paid $50 for insurance for 10mins in a parking lot. They say it will be an hour, it was 15mins tops. It's ok, if you just want to say you've driven a Ferrari in a circle.

Holly6 months ago

Thought I was getting a good deal. When I redeemed my voucher through the merchant, the cost doubled due to extra booking fees, etc. It took longer to find where they were set up at the speedway than the whole car driving process. But my husband enjoyed driving the super car.

Latara6 months ago

My husband and my son had a wonderful time♥️

Yadee6 months ago

Bought this for husband, honestly we expected better experience. Purchased 4 laps ( advertising said 1 hour) after 15 min we were out of the place. It took us longer to find the actual “track”, no sign or directions to parking lot were you actually drive the cars. Cars were ok, didn’t drive as good as expected. Ended paying more than 250 after insurance and video/photos. You drive around cones.

Scott7 months ago

It was fun but it was a fairly tight course of cones. It handled nice but I wish there was a longer straight area so I could have gone faster.

Meredith9 months ago

Really enjoyed the experience! It was a gift to my Dad. Very organized and the staff were all really nice! The only reason for 4 vs 5 stars is how the number of laps you drive on the ride along option is a little confusing. Lots of fun!

Marc9 months ago

Bucket list - Drive a Lamborghini ✓ . Had an awesome time! I will be back next year!

Tagred9 months ago

Don’t waste your money, not as advertised the worst experience ever.