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Save on healthy food and treats and fun toys for your new pet at Pet Supplies Plus in Lyndhurst.

With nearby space available, you won't need to worry about parking when you come to Pet Supplies Plus. So stop by Pet Supplies Plus, the pet store that has everything your little guy or gal needs to stay happy and healthy.

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Caroline10 years ago

Love their bathing area for the dogs...easier to use than most places.

Joseph10 years ago

The dog washing groupon we bought was awesome. There facilities for self serve dog washing are great.

Kimberley10 years ago

The initial redemption of the groupon was a little rocky (cashier didn't know what to do with it the first time I was in), but the rest of the experience was great! The room is clean and spacious, it's easy to wash your dog without getting soaked yourself, and everything you need is provided and easy to access. The wash is timed, but I found it to be plenty of time to wash and dry my dog. Thanks!

J.10 years ago

The people there were very helpful.

Pamela10 years ago

Your staff is friendly and very helpful. When they don't know the answer, they have sought additional input. Just used the Self Wash for my 3 dogs and found the service very good. The staff supporting the wash was extremely attentive and assisted when questions arose about the shampoo. He also provided towels for the floor to be sure I did not slip & fall. Only criticism was fur on the brushes and other aides...everything else was very clean.

Shani10 years ago

I think the sales associates could be a little more helpful. When I came in to see the trainer for my dog who has dog aggression and anxiety with my 1 year old. I asked the associate about redeeming a groupon. Another dog was coming in so my dog started going crazy and he continued to ask me to come to the register. Well at that poing I didn't want my son trampled or the other dog to be bitten so it was more important that I get him back to the private room. 3 sales associates looking at me and not one offered to help in any way. To even say can I walk your son with you would have been helpful. I also think it would be nice to have other grooming supplies besides the plain shampoo and conditioner. I choose self service bc my dog would be a terrible ciandidate to be groomed but I still want him to look like he was. I like the special shampoos, bows and scarfs too

Dan10 years ago

I like that you are offering Groupons. Although I'm a regular customer, I wouldn't have tried your grooming/dog wash services without them.

kathy11 years ago

employees are very friendly and helpful

ariana11 years ago

The employees were very helpful and nice.

Shannon11 years ago

I redeemed my groupon for the dog wash, and the setup is very confusing. It might be a good idea to put a sign on the door to the dog wash telling customers that they have to pay at the register first to get tokens for the machine, THEN come back to the dog wash.