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In chemistry, an amalgam is an alloy of two metals. As such, Amalgam Arts Atlanta celebrates handmade metal jewelry in more ways than one. Equal parts gallery, studio, and school, the studio guides students through the finer points of making bangles and baubles, rings, pendants, and other pieces of eye-catching jewelry. Workshops and classes give participants a taste of the trade, letting them saw metals, solder pieces, and gnaw on gold to make sure it's real.

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Jennifer3 years ago

This must be a best of Groupon. I was a really fun day, I learned a lot and left with a quality piece of jewelry that I wear a lot and get complements on.

Nancy3 years ago

So much fun. I have a new appreciation for all that goes into making jewelry. Great teacher!

MISTY3 years ago

Great teacher and definitely a fun class

L3 years ago

Wendy is a great teacher! She's patient and explains things in detail so that you get to know why you do things in the order and way they should be done. I left the workshop with a beautiful sliver ring that I will enjoy showing off!

Caprice3 years ago

One of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Wendy Tonsits is an awesome patient instructor. Although my class was full, everyone got to work at their own pace and we also had the extra benefit of looking at each other’s work and having friendly conversations. Highly recommend this fun class with a thorough teacher.

DAVID4 years ago

An absolutely fantastic environment to learn and have fun.

Melody4 years ago

Good class! The instructor could have used at least one other assistant to help people at different stages in the process. Overall the class was interesting.

Ashley4 years ago

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Our class session was quite full, yet the quality of the session was never jeopardized. Wendy was extremely hands -on, attentive, informative, and admirably patient. I will definitely repurchase this Groupon!!!. It was a fun way to learn a new skill and interact with others.

Dawn4 years ago

Wendy is a great instructor. The class was fun and informative.

caro4 years ago

little hard to find but very fun class