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Aisha4 years ago

Fun time!

Catie4 years ago


Tonya5 years ago

We've gone 3 times with a group of 8, ages 12 to 60. It was challenging and fun. We will go again.

Annette5 years ago

So much fun for the whole family

Sean5 years ago

The game was really fun and a good way for our team to bond one last time before they all go their separate ways in college. There were some hiccups. I think we were dealing with a new game master. With that being said, one of the items was in the wrong place and some of the scales were not set properly so the game master did have to stop the game temporarily and fix these issues. Other than this, it was a really fun time!

Jackie5 years ago

I bought Gameroom for 8 (for any day of the week) to do as a family & Spend Some Time Making More Memories w/My Children & Grandchildren. So, it was going 2 B Me & My Boyfriend (of 8 yrs. & 8 mo. Whom Should B My Husband By Now), My Son, Daughter N Law, Daughterghter, Son N Law,

Shanna6 years ago

The staff is great and the games are a lot of fun!

Rachael6 years ago

It's so much fun to enjoy using your brain to help each other get out of the rooms. Can't wait to do them all.

Angela6 years ago

It was a ton of fun!! It was great to do as a family.. We can't wait to go back